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Waterproof your business

Back-up plans for the rainy days

Rainy days have arrived and with them come different risks including loss of property, data, and reduced income. Unless you are in the business of selling rain coats or umbrellas, this season may pose some inconveniences, since most people would want to stay indoors. Here are some tips to rainproof your business this season.

1. Build an online strategy.

The cyberspace has become a vast universe filled with purchase potential. So even if you have the best business location in the world, making your products and services available and visible online increases you marketability to netizens who would opt to turn on their PC and stay home with a good cup of coffee.

Online strategies may include but are not limited to creating an online store, promoting through couponing websites, and marketing through social media. Aside from getting new potential customers, you can also keep your loyal clients by broadcasting these online promos in your store. So even if they don�t brave the storm, they can still enjoy your products and services.

2. Consider cloud computing.

With typhoons hitting the Philippines every year, flooding has become expected. Many data center has been damaged because of this.

Many businesses cannot afford to set up their own disaster recovery sites, so the Cloud suddenly becomes a good option for those who require 24x7 availability of IT resources. Windows Azure, for example, is a service that enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage your applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. You can get started for free, start small, and scale as you need to.

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3. Insure your business

Another option to protect your business is to purchase an insurance policy which would protect you from bankruptcy should a disaster strike. In those unexpected moments, insuring your business would help you get back on your feet and start moving on.

The cool damp weather influences people to slow down and relax whenever there is a chance to. And even if it is usually expected for business to slow down during this season, some rainproofing could keep you profitability up and soaring amidst the storms.