Microsoft Announces Availability of Business Versions of 2007 Microsoft Office System, Windows Vista, and Exchange Server 2007

Microsoft Philippines today announced the availability of the business versions of the 2007 Microsoft Office system, Windows Vista, and Exchange Server 2007 to over 800 business and technology decision makers from the Philippines’ top enterprises who have gathered to take part in the most significant product launch in Microsoft history.

Microsoft Philippines is getting Filipino companies ready to face a new day of business with the launch of the 2007 Microsoft Office System, Windows Vista and Exchange Server 2007. With technology becoming indispensable in the workplace, an IT infrastructure that is built to deliver all its business needs is integral. “Microsoft recognizes the need for businesses to empower its number one asset – the human resource, with the right tools,” said Antonio Javier, Jr., Managing Director, Microsoft Philippines.

The Future of Business Computing with Windows Vista and Office 2007

The business environment - both locally and globally - has rapidly changed over the years. Companies and businesses are recognizing the need for having the right technology and empowering their number one asset --- their human resource. Microsoft is leading the new wave of the next-generation technology with the launch of their flagship products, with the belief that people are the driving forces behind business success.

The widely anticipated operating system (OS) from Microsoft, Windows Vista, is the most heavily-tested, highest quality, and most secure OS in the company's history. Microsoft Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office primes itself with enhanced features that will enable users to find, utilize, and share information easily, provide them with an optimized desktop, increase their mobility, and offer the security, reliability and compatibility they require. The improved technology will enable businesses to deliver convenience, cost effectiveness and security while helping increase productivity.

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Find, Use, and Share Information
Enable Your Mobile Workforce
Steve Ballmer Webcast

Watch Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer as he introduces the redesigned 2007 Microsoft Office system UI and the breakthrough Windows Vista experience.

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Simplify How People Work Together
Simplify How People Work Together
Working across time, and geographical and organizational boundaries poses new challenges for business teams. Wherever people work in your organization, it's now easier for them to communicate and work with each other, customers, and partners.
Help Protect & Manage Content
Help Protect & Manage Content
Increasing volumes of content and new compliance regulations require that businesses monitor the way they work. Windows Vista, the 2007 Office system, and Exchange Server 2007 address the growing needs associated with content creation, management, and use-and help protect data from being compromised.
Find Information & Improve Business Insight
Find Information & Improve Business Insight
With increasing amounts of valuable information being generated, it can be difficult to locate and use information in an efficient manner. People across your organization can now more efficiently access the information they need and the tools that will help them make sense of that content.
Reduce IT Costs & Increase Security
Reduce IT Costs & Increase Security
Increasing security and reducing cost and complexity are top priorities for every organization. Windows Vista, the 2007 Office system, and Exchange Server 2007 are now more manageable, reliable, and cost effective. Using them together can help to simplify both desktop and server deployment and management while limiting security risks.