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Microsoft Dynamics Welcomes Atlas Fertilizer
June 2010, Microsoft HQ

Atlas Fertilizer Corporation finally became part of the Microsoft family after Mr. Raymund Ilustre, President and COO of Atlas signed the contract last June 7, at the head office of Microsoft in Ayala. Together with Mr. Ilustre were some of the key people of Atlas namely, Mr. Ko Tojima (EVP Procurement COO), Mr. Nao Hizaka (AVP Credit), and Mr. Ian Felicilda (AVP Systems & Productions CIO).

Atlas Fertilizer Corporation is a 53-year old Japanese firm based in Toledo, Cebu. It took some time before Atlas finally teamed up with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Gurango. Although it has been approved last year, it took them a while to raise the money because it is a big company. "Last year, I honestly felt that financially, we were not prepared. It was not just acquiring an application software, it was really converting our 'dinosauric' IT scenario. It wasn't just an acquisition of software; it was also an adaptation of a total system." Mr. Ilustre stated. He appreciates that Microsoft ensured the company that Gurango is the software they needed.

Mr. Manny Tanseco, Managing Director of Gurango Software explains that Atlas' current initiative is to improve their current IT infrastructure also undergoing business reengineering. Part of that effort is to introduce Microsoft Dynamics AX as their solution platform for their finance procurement, sales, and warehouse management systems. As a fully integrated system, Atlas hopes to be able to integrate all the processes and be able to provide Atlas' parent company, Sojitz Corporation with timely reporting and accurate sales forecasting and inventory reporting.

"In terms of functionalities, Atlas fits just right with Microsoft Dynamics AX because it is positioned for industries like Atlas. It is end to end, it caters from financial to supply chain inventory purchasing and the manufacturing side. It is very robust." Microsoft Dynamics Business Lead, Lyn Reyes said in an interview.

Microsoft is very pleased to have Atlas as a reference customer in the future. There are a lot of other industries similar to Atlas who can benefit from Microsoft Dynamics AX. At Microsoft, they make sure that customers are satisfied because they are measured every year on customer satisfaction. Any small detail is a major thing for them.