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Volume Licensing

With Microsoft Volume Licensing, we help make it easy for your organization to purchase affordable software licenses. You get flexibility, improved asset management, and the ability to use the Microsoft software you need, when you need it, while you save money.

Enterprise Agreement

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement gives you the best overall pricing based on the size of your organization along with the full benefits of Microsoft Software Assurance and simplified licensing management through the company-wide option.

As companies begin to implement cloud services, the Enterprise Agreement now provides a convenient way to license both on-premise software and online services in the same agreement.

The Enterprise Agreement Is:


  • Choose from a wide variety of on-premise software and cloud services capabilities for different types of users based on their requirements.

  • License additional devices and provision more users now, then "settle up" on your Enterprise Agreement anniversary date.

  • Transition your users to online services at your own pace and scale.


  • Optimize your technology spend for on-premise software licensing and online subscriptions.

  • Realize the cost savings associated with standardizing your infrastructure and desktop technologies using Enterprise Agreement Enrollment Programs.

  • Use Software Assurance benefits to plan deployments, ready your users for new software, and support Microsoft products and services without incurring additional costs.

  • Decide which software and services to run on-premise or have hosted by a third party, based on what’s most cost effective for you.


  • Streamline software compliance and asset management across all your Microsoft software and cloud services through a single agreement that helps you simplify software licensing, budgeting, and administration.

Program Eligibility

If your organization has at least 250 desktop PCs and you want to license all of your qualified desktops for a three-year period, you can initiate an Enterprise Agreement or an Enterprise Subscription Agreement.

Microsoft offers these programs for commercial businesses and for government organizations.

Select Plus

Flexibility and Manageability

Select Plus is a cost-effective way to make transactional purchases and offers many additional benefits, including the ability to do the following:

  • Manage assets more easily with visibility across the entire organization and centralized reporting because all affiliate purchases are tied to their own unique customer IDs.

  • Get more value out of licensing with automatic price savings for purchases across the entire organization and the full value of Microsoft Software Assurance coverage, no matter when you purchase it.

  • Streamline the contract process with a single organization-wide agreement that never expires, Software Assurance alignment, and licensing consolidation.


Recommended for organizations with 250 or more desktop PCs.

In addition to commercial business, Microsoft offers Select Plus programs for the following industries:

  • Government organizations

  • Health organizations

  • Educational institutions

Click here to view a video on Select Plus