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Save time and cut travel and communication costs with unified communications.

Microsoft unified communications can bring nearly immediate benefits to organizations. Travel expenses (and traffic!) can be avoided by using Web conferencing while expensive communications costs such as long distance charges can be reduced.

Face-to-face without the travel costs

Having face-to-face meetings is crucial in most organizations. But having to travel to meetings can have an impact on the efficiency of your people and your business. Microsoft's voice and video web conferencing solution, a key component of Unified Communications, allows you to connect with your customers and partners in a face-to-face experience, without having to make the trip. This could save you on travel related expenses, and reduce the number of unproductive hours spent in transit.

How much have our customers saved?

  • Lifetime Realizes Benefits of $850,000 with Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging. With these benefits phased in during Year 1, the organization expects payback within the first 9 months.
  • Dutch Bank Improves Communications and Collaboration to Support New Way of Working. In particular, it was able to reduce office space by 40% from 26m² per employee to just 15m² by promoting Microsoft's Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions.
  • Leading Content Provider Lowers Conferencing Costs and saves employees Time. The organization expects annual benefits in excess of $1.5 million when fully deployed. Now employees around the globe are easily able to communicate with each other, thereby, making them more efficient and more productive

Accessible and easy to use

Unlike traditional video teleconferencing solutions, Microsoft's software driven solution is affordable and easy to use. Every desktop user can start a voice or video conference as simply as right-clicking on a person's name. And because the technology is built off the Microsoft platform, you may already own the foundations to enable it

VoIP as you are

Get the benefits of reduced call costs by rolling out VoIP using your existing hardware - just add software. Most traditional VoIP solutions require costly upgrades to your PABX and other hardware systems. With Microsoft's VoIP software solution, you don't need to rip and replace - leverage the IT infrastructure you already have and VoIP as you are!

Environmentally friendly

Unified Communications can not only have a positive impact on your business, it can help sustain the environment as well. In a study of 15 early adopters of Microsoft's UC solution, Forrester Research concluded that organizations using Microsoft's UC solution could reduce travel 10% initially, and up to 30% when widely deployed. They could also expect an ROI of >500% in three years. (Forrester Research, Oct 2007).

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