Microsoft Enterprise Team

In the information workplace of today, a convergence of trends is changing the way we work together.

Younger people familiar with a whole new generation of social computing software are entering the workforce. People are more mobile, and businesses are more global than ever before. The speed with which business gets done and decisions are made is becoming faster and faster. Businesses find themselves working with partners, customers and other external organizations more and more often.

As well as these trends, an increasing body of business data supports the belief that better collaboration drives better business results.

This paper examines the value organizations can gain from enhancing their collaborative environment with corporate social computing capabilities. Not only does better collaboration in the form of business communities enable people to work more efficiently, it engages them more fully in the work they do. Studies show that highly engaged employees get more done, have more ideas, and stay with the company longer. Engaged employees also build stronger customer and colleague relationships. More engaged employees are more valuable employees in many ways.

This paper also offers a few key considerations and strategies for planning and implementing a corporate social network or community in a way that supports your business objectives. The ultimate goal is to build a work environment that is more valuable to your organization.