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Benigno Aquino High School joins elite corps of Innovative Schools worldwide

Microsoft Partners in Learning is announcing a new class of Pathfinder and Mentor Schools joining the Innovative Schools Program, part of Microsoft’s 10-year $500-million initiative to help teachers and school leaders more effectively use technology as a tool for teaching and learning.

Following a rigorous global application process, Benigno Aquino High School becomes part of a global community of 80 schools in 46 countries. In the next 12 months, Microsoft will work with educational experts to help the new Pathfinder school through a process of whole-school transformation aimed at creating a community focused on innovative teaching and learning practice.

Pathfinder schools influence other schools within their own community, country and around the world. Benigno Aquino High School serves as an example to the region for integrating innovative teaching and learning throughout the school environment. To be chosen as a Pathfinder School, an institution must prove it possesses the community and professional support for the change process and strong school-level leadership. Schools must articulate their vision and the Pathfinder Schools Program will not only help the school leaders refine but also strengthen and implement this vision.

After the year-long engagement, some Pathfinder Schools are invited to become Mentor Schools, which gives them the opportunity to further share the knowledge they gained as Pathfinder Schools with other schools in their country, region and around the world.