Microsoft Study Reveals Illegal Software Harms Local and Global Economies



Microsoft Study Reveals Illegal Software Harms Local and Global Economies
Also bares risks of using pirated software to consumers and businesses


Microsoft recently released the findings of the first-ever study, conducted by analysts from Keystone Strategy, that examines the financial impact of using illegal software on the competitive landscape within developing economies. In support of the inaugural Play Fair Day, which is a global initiative to emphasize the importance of utilizing legitimate software, the commissioned study quantifiably proves the harm software piracy has on businesses that choose to play fair.


The study shows that manufacturing companies in Brazil, Russia, India and China that choose to use illegal software steal more than $1.5 billion from their in-market competitors that choose to play fair by using genuine software. According to Microsoft’s research, unfairness from piracy creates a staggering $3 billion of competitive disadvantage per year across manufacturers in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.


“As many companies today are powered by technology, it has always been a challenge for the government and some private sectors to push for the use of genuine software. Software piracy is something that we all are battling and this has global and local economic strains on the people,” said Atty. Ricardo Blancaflor, Director General, Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. “We aim to help build a better and strong intellectual property environment that will boost the economic status of the country as well as provide better employment opportunities for the people.”


Genuine software can enable businesses and companies to work efficiently and help create more job opportunities. In another study commissioned by Microsoft, it was revealed that nearly one in four of the pirated operating systems evaluated became infected during installation or also installed malicious software upon connection to the internet. Other risks that come with using counterfeit software include security breaches, significant losses in productivity and performance, and energy efficiency.


“With the celebration of the Play Fair Day, we at Microsoft aim to educate consumers and businesses alike on the possible threats in using pirated software that can reduce and stifle innovation. Playing fair creates jobs and spurs economic growth and, more importantly, it fosters a do-the-right-thing mentality. We will continue to partner with the government and trade organizations to help curb software piracy in the Philippines,” said John Bessey, Managing Director, Microsoft Philippines.


Microsoft released these findings as part of Play Fair Day, which aims to educate businesses, consumers and governments to play by the rules, learn about the benefits of using legal software and build respect for intellectual property. Microsoft is holding activities in more than 50 countries around the world in order to educate businesses, governments and consumers that the decision to utilize fake software is one that is not only dangerous to personal information, but dangerous to the economic landscape as well.


Playing fair begins when people and businesses take a stand and demand legal software.


More information about the financial impacts of using illegal software can be found by visiting

More information on software piracy and its effects can also be found on the official Microsoft antipiracy Twitter account, @MSFT_BuyLegit.


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