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If you find it challenging to quickly, effectively, and economically get access to, analyze, report on, and share the information you need to achieve corporate objectives, we suggest you strongly consider Microsoft Business Intelligence. We provide you with a complete, fully integrated set of BI technologies that can help reduce the complexity of organizing and distributing information - creating competitive advantages, overall better decisions, and an improved bottom line.

Microsoft BI is delivered through three layers or workloads:
Data Warehouse Data Warehousing
Give your users a way of finding the data they need in an easy-to-understand format that helps them make decisions. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 can help you improve your data process, store huge amounts of data, support high query loads, and scale to the largest enterprise needs.
Reporting and Analysis Reporting & Analysis
Provide your end users with the resources that help them make accurate and confident decisions. One of the tools that many people already use, understand, and trust is Microsoft Office Excel. With the 2007 release, Microsoft has made a huge investment in your ability to analyze, visualize and gain insight into data.
Performance Management Performance Management
Improve corporate-level decision making all across your organization with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007. Decision making now has a greater context that captures the workings of your entire company with informational views that consolidate all your corporate data - from sales to HR and operations to finance.

These are designed to provide a consolidated, comprehensive data source and tools to help improve decision making. In our view, the promise of Microsoft BI is to help decision makers at all levels throughout your organization have confidence that their decisions support your company's goals and initiatives.
SQL Server 2008 R2
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