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Mabuhay and welcome to the New Efficiency with Microsoft Server and Tools in the Philippines!

As businesses continue to adapt to the constant shifts in today's markets, their need for technology that's both secure and agile increases. Driving down costs while still increasing revenue continues to be a universal goal amongst businesses, and with new technology at the forefront of the information age countless innovations are possible.

Whether you're a small business enjoying your little successes but looking to expand your services, or a bustling enterprise considering your growing needs amidst a competitive business environment, Microsoft can help.

The Server and Tools website is your one-stop shop on enterprise technologies that have seen the evolution of such for the past decades. From the Windows Server family of products, SQL Server database requirements, System Center management, to Forefront security, Microsoft has something for businesses big and small. Our New Efficiency is about how you – the customer – can do so much more with less.

SQL Server 2012
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