Mission Critical Confidence

Required 9s and protection

Deliver required uptime and data protection, server to cloud without wasting time and money.

  • Help reduce planned and unplanned downtime with the new integrated high availability and disaster recovery solution, SQL Server AlwaysOn.
  • Achieve maximum application availability and data protection with options to configure active, multiple secondaries and ability to quickly failover and recover applications.

Blazing-fast performance

Gain breakthrough and predictable performance backed by industry-leading benchmarks.

  • Overview Make a bet on a trusted platform that continuously leads in industry-relevant TPC-E, TPC-H and real-world application performance  benchmarks. Release over release SQL Server is SAP-certified to run some of the industry’s most demanding workloads.
  • Significantly boost query performance, by up to ~10x for star join and similar queries with the new ColumnStore Index.
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Breakthrough Insight

Rapid data discovery

Empower end users with new insights through rapid data exploration and visualization.

  • Discover new insights at the speed of thought with Power View, a highly interactive, familiar browser-based data exploration, visualization, and presentation experiences for users of all levels.
  • Empower users of all levels to access and mash-up data from virtually any source, create compelling reports and analytical applications, and easily collaborate and share insight using familiar tools with PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

Managed self-service BI

Enable users with self-service BI while gaining better monitoring and management capabilities for IT.

  • Offload IT tasks and reduce support requests with self-service analytics tools, like Power View and PowerPivot, that scale to thousands across the organization.
  • Balance the need to monitor, manage, and govern the data and analytics end users create with IT dashboards and controls that help IT monitor end user activity, data source usage, and gather performance metrics from servers.

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Cloud On Your Terms

Scale on demand

Scale on demand with flexible and hybrid deployment options on your terms server to cloud.

  • Gain operational flexibility with proven Microsoft cloud offerings, private or public, that deliver interoperable deployment options with SQL Server 2012.
  • Break free and scale beyond the constraints of any one deployment environment by taking advantage Hybrid IT opportunities with a common architecture that spans traditional servers, appliances and the cloud.

Extend any data, virtually anywhere

Extend the reach of data virtually anywhere across server and/or cloud with expansive developer technologies.

  • Enable new scenarios with Windows Azure SQL Database Data Sync, a cloud service that provides bi-directional data synchronization between databases across datacenter and cloud.
  • Provide a consistent and open data-feed to power multiple user experiences across the web, devices and desktop with OData, an open protocol built on widely used web standards.

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Cloud-Ready Information Platform

Mission Critical Confidence

The next wave of SQL Server investments further help protect an organization’s infrastructure – getting you the nines and performance you need at the right price, especially for mission critical workloads. When you make a bet on Microsoft, you get more than a trusted platform; you get a trusted business partner and huge ecosystem of experienced vendors.

Breakthrough Insight

SQL Server will help customers unlock exciting new insights with pervasive data discovery across mounds of structured, unstructured and cloud data sources backed by Managed Self-Service BI, credible consistent data and large-scale data warehousing and analytics solutions.

Cloud On Your Terms

The next wave of SQL Server investments will offer organizations the agility to quickly create and scale solutions that solve challenges and fuel new business opportunity from server to private or public cloud linked together with common tools for optimized productivity and cutting-edge developer technologies—build once, deploy and manage wherever.

SQL Server 2012 Editions

The SQL Server 2012 Editions have been streamlined to better align with how customers are deploying applications and solutions. SQL Server 2012 will be released in 3 main editions: Enterprise, Business Intelligence and Standard. Visit SQL Server 2012 Editions to learn more.