Obtain the Knowledge You Need

Enable your people to do their jobs effectively by giving them insight into data. Take advantage of Microsoft SQL Server 2012, a comprehensive platform for business intelligence (BI) that includes enhanced reporting, deeper and more powerful analysis, rich data modeling, master data management capabilities, and full integration with Microsoft Office. Give more people the information they need, when they need it, across your organization.

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Gain the Upper Hand

Manage databases more efficiently and effectively. Provide your people with built-in tools for greater control and oversight. Manage at scale, automate tasks, and streamline troubleshooting.

Manage instances, database applications, services, and resource utilization from a single console by using SQL Server Management Studio.

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Gain a Complete Data-Warehousing Solution

Trust SQL Server 2012 to meet your most demanding data-warehousing requirements. Take advantage of reference configurations, support for industry-standard hardware, support for analysis of near-real-time data, and well-integrated business intelligence and extract, transform, and load tools to deliver actionable business insights across the organization, affordably.

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New Appliances from HP and Microsoft

HP and Microsoft have delivered three new appliances to help IT managers deliver successful customer solutions in record time, with simplified support and highly tuned performance.

The HP Enterprise Data Warehouse Appliance, optimized for SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse edition, to drive data warehouses of hundreds of terabytes.

The HP Business Decision Appliance, optimized for SQL Server 2008 R2 and SharePoint 2010, that deliver self-service business intelligence capabilities in hours, instead of months.

The HP Business Data Warehouse Appliance, optimized for SQL Server 2008 R2 helps reduce the time and cost of implementing a data warehouse through deployment of an optimized, pre-configured solution.

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Microsoft Information Platform - Cloud Ready

Microsoft provides comprehensive information platform solutions that can address your Private and Public cloud needs. Some of the key benefits you can gain through cloud computing include consolidation of resources through resource pooling; elasticity to scale resources dynamically; and self-service management. Learn how to gain these benefits for your existing datacenter(s) by selecting the Private Cloud link below. If you are looking to gain these benefits as a service from Microsoft datacenters, select the Public Cloud link below.

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Gain Reliable Performance for Your Biggest Tasks

Deliver the highest support for your most vital applications and services.

Enjoy a greater return-on-investment for high-performance hardware, with support for maximum memory limits and up to 256 logical processors.

Ensure uptime with high-availability technologies and greater virtualization support.

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Bring It All Together

Make the most of your data by using SQL Server 2012 alongside other Microsoft technologies and tools.

Use a complete and integrated platform from Microsoft to get more value out of existing IT skills and assets, increase the productivity and agility of IT departments, and quickly build flexible, innovative applications.

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Cloud-Ready Information Platform

Mission Critical Confidence

The next wave of SQL Server investments further help protect an organization’s infrastructure – getting you the nines and performance you need at the right price, especially for mission critical workloads. When you make a bet on Microsoft, you get more than a trusted platform; you get a trusted business partner and huge ecosystem of experienced vendors.

Breakthrough Insight

SQL Server will help customers unlock exciting new insights with pervasive data discovery across mounds of structured, unstructured and cloud data sources backed by Managed Self-Service BI, credible consistent data and large-scale data warehousing and analytics solutions.

Cloud On Your Terms

The next wave of SQL Server investments will offer organizations the agility to quickly create and scale solutions that solve challenges and fuel new business opportunity from server to private or public cloud linked together with common tools for optimized productivity and cutting-edge developer technologies—build once, deploy and manage wherever.

SQL Server 2012 Editions

The SQL Server 2012 Editions have been streamlined to better align with how customers are deploying applications and solutions. SQL Server 2012 will be released in 3 main editions: Enterprise, Business Intelligence and Standard. Visit SQL Server 2012 Editions to learn more.