You just got your Windows Phone 7 – now what? Here are 7 quick tips to get you started on your powerful new device.

  • Get Started.

    To start using your new Windows Phone, you need to use a Windows Live ID. A Windows Live ID is the email address you use to sign in to services like Hotmail, Messenger, Xbox Live, Marketplace, and so on. You may create an account at Make sure to set your Country/Region to a Windows Phone 7 launch country: i.e. US to be able to access Marketplace.

  • Importing your contacts

    When you set your email or Facebook account, your contacts are imported automatically into your People Hub. To set up a Facebook (or any kind of email) account, go to Settings > Email & Accounts. Getting your contacts from your old phone is also easy- put your old SIM Card into your new phone then go to Settings. Flick to Applications, tap People, then tap Import SIM Contacts

  • Connecting to Wi-fi

    To be able to connect to the corporate Wi-fi, go to Settings and then turn on the Wi-Fi networking button.

  • Avoiding Bill Shock

    To avoid getting billed for unknown data charges especially if you’re not on Unlimited Data Plan, please remember to turn off your data and 3G connection. You may do so by going to Settings > Cellular and turn off both the Data and 3G Connection buttons

  • Stay in sync

    To sync your music, videos, pictures, and updates from your PC to your phone (or vice versa), you’ll need the Zune software. You may go to to install the Zune software. Connect your phone to your PC using the cable and then open the Zune software. Click Collection then drag everything you want to sync to the small phone icon in the lower left

  • Customizing your Start screen

    Personalize your Start screen by pinning all sorts of favorite things to Start, including apps, websites, Zune playlists, and even contacts! When you pin a contact to Start, you’ll get all of that person’s feed updates right from that tile! To pin an item, tap and hold the item until the menu appears (choose “pin to start” to pin your favorite item, or the unpin button to remove it). If you’d like to move a tile somewhere else on Start, tap and hold the tile and move it wherever you’d like it.

  • Battery Life

    It is advised that you drain your battery upon unboxing the device. Charge it for 8 hours until indicator light turns green.