Licensing Windows Media DRM
For Devices under Microsoft PlayReady Agreements

As of June 19, 2009, Microsoft has made changes to the way Windows Media DRM (WMDRM) for Devices is licensed. These changes provide device manufacturers with cost-effective technology for today's devices while facilitating future access to a richer set of DRM features and other improvements via use of the PlayReady code base. This WMDRM Device Transition Program provides benefits both to existing licensees of WMDRM for Devices as well as to new licensees—whether you wish to use just WMDRM functionality, or you wish to take advantage of the many new features that PlayReady provides.

Under the WMDRM Device Transition Program, a new licensing agreement enables existing licensees of WMDRM for Devices technology to continue to develop and/or distribute devices that support WMDRM, on the existing WMDRM code base, after expiration of your current agreement. This enables you to extend the use of your WMDRM for Devices code base for an additional three years, which gives you time to study the PlayReady code base and migrate to it when your engineering teams are ready.

Alternatively, existing WMDRM for Devices licensees (or any new licensee) can license WMDRM functionality—or the full PlayReady functionality—on the PlayReady code base today and take advantage of the numerous improvements Microsoft has made to the PlayReady code base. PlayReady is the successor technology to WMDRM and provides many new advanced and frequently-requested features, such as domain control, embedded licenses, and the ability to protect a wide range of content types and formats, all on a new and improved code base. PlayReady is also backwards-compatible with WMDRM for Devices, meaning that devices you build will be compatible with content that works with WMDRM-based devices. Even if you only use the PlayReady code base to provide WMDRM functionality for devices, you will enjoy performance and application development benefits compared with using the WMDRM for Devices code base.

To learn more about how the WMDRM Device Transition Program may apply to you, please choose one of the following scenarios that best describes your situation:

  • Current or Prior WMDRM for Devices Licensee
    If you are a current or prior licensee of either agreement listed below and would like to continue licensing WMDRM functionality, on the WMDRM code base, beyond your current agreement's expiration date, click here for more information.
    • WMDRM 10 for Devices Development and Interim Product Distribution Agreement
    • WMDRM 10 for Devices Final Product Distribution Agreement
    Note: Microsoft will not extend the duration or renew existing WMDRM for Devices agreements.
  • New Customer Interested in Licensing WMDRM for Devices
    If you are interested in licensing WMDRM for Devices functionality, you can do so today under the PlayReady agreements. Click here for more information.
  • Looking to Learn More About Microsoft PlayReady for Devices
    Microsoft PlayReady is a content access technology that enables business models for a wide range of digital entertainment content. Click here to learn more.

If you have questions about which scenario might best describe you, or would like more information on the way WMDRM for Devices is licensed, please contact