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Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2007 Fact Sheet
An overview of product features, system requirements and pricing for Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2007.

Updated: May 2006

Teachers feel that students need more help with homework. In fact, a recent survey1 revealed that a majority of teachers believe quality of work and overall performance are enhanced when students use technology at home and at school. Nearly nine out of 10 teachers surveyed (88 percent) say students who use technology resources to complete assignments perform better than those who do not. As more and more students are looking for help with schoolwork, Microsoft Corp. continues its commitment to developing educational technology products that advance academic excellence, provide the appropriate level of guidance and support lifelong learning.

Product Overview

Microsoft® Student with Encarta® Premium 2007 provides all the tools students need to easily move beyond the blank page and toward academic success. With trusted and familiar resources for research and project guidance, Microsoft Student empowers middle-school through entry-level-college students to create and complete accurate assignments that can lead to better grades and more academic confidence. Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2007 even brings the power of a personal math tutor to the PC, providing assistance in one of students’ most challenging subjects.


The following are key features of Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2007:

New! Look and feel.Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2007 offers task-based organization that makes it easier for students to quickly and easily find the tools and information they need related to their specific assignment.

New! Microsoft Math includes a collection of tools, tutorials and instructions to help students tackle math and science problems in one central location. Students have the power of a personal math tutor to show them how to quickly and confidently solve difficult math and science equations with the following tools and features:

New! Step-by-step Math Solutions gives students the support they need by providing them with complete step-by-step solutions to many math problems in middle- and high-school pre-algebra, algebra I, algebra II, and trigonometry classes.

Enhanced! Student Graphing Calculator is a groundbreaking complement to the range of calculators required by a large percentage of schools. Designed to help students visualize and solve difficult math and science problems, the full-featured calculator now has the following enhancements:

Support for calculus includes functions on limits, series, derivates and integrals.

Improved 3-D-graphing capabilities allow students to view, rotate and animate large 2-D and enhanced 3-D color graphs.

New! Triangle Solver helps students explore triangles and the relationships between their parts.

New! Equation Library contains more than 125 interactive common math equations and formulas that students can interact with to solve problems and even graph the problem, if appropriate.

Enhanced! Unit Conversion Tool makes it easier for students to quickly convert units of measure such as length, area, volume, weight, temperature, pressure, energy, power, velocity and time.

Enhanced! Online Math Homework Help provides step-by-step guidance and hints for solving specific basic math, algebra, advanced algebra and geometry problems from more than 100 textbooks. 2

Enhanced! Search makes it easy for students to quickly find the information and tools they are looking for, including templates, tutorials and trusted content from Encarta Premium and the Web.

Enhanced! Learning Essentials for Students transforms Microsoft Office applications into student-oriented applications for completing high-quality assignments.3 The templates, tutorials and toolbars help students get started and stay on the task of completing papers, presentations and all types of projects.

Templates with project assistance provide a solid foundation for exceptional assignments and help students organize their work. Examples include templates for homework planning, writing projects, book reports and guidelines for great presentations. There are even templates designed to help improve analytical thinking on physics and chemistry assignments.

Tutorials developed with the expertise of leading education publishers including the Great Source division of Houghton Mifflin, Pearson Prentice Hall and SchoolKiT provide students with step-by-step coaching through the process of producing top-quality work. For example, the Research Writing tutorial walks a student through three types of research reports, and the Understanding Chart Types tutorial explains how to use charts to organize and analyze data.

Toolbars unveil a customized set of student-oriented and project-specific Microsoft Office resources and commands that appear automatically when using a template. For example, students have one-click access to math symbols and foreign language characters.

Enhanced! Microsoft Encarta Premium 2007. Students will always have up-to-date reference information from a credible source with Microsoft Encarta Premium, the No. 1 best-selling multimedia encyclopedia brand.4 Encarta Premium includes more than 66,000 articles edited by a team of experts in science, history, geography and math; an extensive multimedia collection of 26,000 photos and illustrations, 3,000 audio clips, 32 Discovery Channel videos, more than 300 video and animation sequences, 3-D virtual tours and access to radio and weather links; an easily accessible dictionary and thesaurus; and an interactive world atlas.

Enhanced! Foreign Language Help. Microsoft Student contains translation dictionaries from English to French, German, Italian and Spanish, as well as verb conjunctions for French, German and Spanish. New links to Web sites offer Latin and Japanese dictionaries and helpful conversational expressions.

Web Companion. No matter which search engine students use, Web Companion will present a short list of trusted content options when a student conducts a search. Links to trusted Encarta content appear right alongside the search engine results, helping students quickly find all the relevant research results in one comprehensive view.

Book Summaries. In addition to a brief synopsis of each story, Book Summaries include information about how an author’s life influenced his or her work, analysis of the themes and characters in the book, and ideas for writing reports or studying for a test. Illuminating facts and insights facilitate the understanding and appreciation of many classic works of literature.


DVD-ROM for Windows® XP SP2 or later operating systems; choice of DVD-ROM or CD-ROM for academic volume licensing customers

System Requirements:

Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2007 requires the following:

A personal computer with a Pentium 600MHz processor or faster (1GHz or higher recommended)

Windows XP SP2 or later

256 MB of RAM (512 MB or more recommended)

1.5 GB of available hard disk space

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (requires between 210 MB and 620 MB of hard disk space, included on disc)

DVD-ROM drive

High Color capable or better video card with a minimum 800x600 resolution (1024x768 recommended)

Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse® or compatible pointing device

16-bit sound card and headphones or speakers

Additional items or services are required to use certain features:

Encarta Kids requires an additional 430 MB of hard disk space.

Copy to Hard Drive requires an additional 1.8 GB of available hard disk space.

Learning Essentials Templates and Toolbars require Office XP or Office 2003, available separately.

Access to sounds and videos require Windows Media® Player 8.

Access to interactive media requires Adobe Shockwave and Adobe Flash.

To use Math Online Help, Update Encarta, Web Links, Weather and Radio Links, or Encarta Premium Online, users need the following:

28.8Kbps or faster modem

An Internet connection

Internet functionality may require payment of a separate fee to an Internet service provider, and local and/or long-distance telephone toll charges may apply.

Up to 4 MB of additional hard disk space is required for each month’s installment.

Access to Encarta Premium Online requires a Microsoft .NET Passport (Microsoft Windows Live™ ID).

Note: Content Updates are available until October 2007.

Note: An active Internet connection is required for Math Online Help, Update Encarta, Web Links, Weather and Radio Links and Encarta Premium Online. Update Encarta and Math Online Help are available through October 2007. Access to Encarta Online Premium requires a Microsoft .NET Passport (Microsoft Windows Live ID) and an Internet connection. You must be 13 years or older to create a Microsoft .NET Passport.


Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2007 is scheduled for availability in July 2006 for an estimated retail price of $69.95 (U.S.) with a $20 mail-in rebate.5

1 “Homework Study With Teachers,” MSI International, April 2006

2 Microsoft selected textbooks based on submissions from school districts across the U.S. If a specific textbook does not appear, districts are invited to submit textbooks to Microsoft to be included in Math Homework Help Center.

3 Works with all editions of Microsoft Office XP and Microsoft Office 2003.

4 The NPD Group/NPD Techworld, January 2000–February 2006. Based on total U.S. retail sales.

5Actual retail price may vary. Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2007 is scheduled for availability in August 2006 at discounted academic pricing for eligible education customers through Microsoft Academic Volume Licensing programs.

Microsoft, Encarta, Windows, IntelliMouse, Windows Media and Windows Live are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries.

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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