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Live Search Maps Fact Sheet
Live Search Maps brings together turn-by-turn directions, traffic reports, local search, ratings and reviews, and more so consumers can get to their destination quickly and easily.

May 2008

Live Search Maps lets people easily find, discover, plan and share relevant local information that is important to them on the Web, including maps and directions, local search, and engaging bird’s-eye, 3-D and aerial imagery.1

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Business Lookup. The Business Lookup feature combines data pulled from across the Web, including aggregate star ratings, photos, restaurant menus, accepted payment methods, contact details, location information, user reviews and detailed one-click directions, giving customers even more data about the businesses they are interested in to make more informed decisions.

Traffic-based routing. Clearflow, a new traffic and routing technology from Microsoft Research, integrates up-to-date traffic information attuned to current traffic patterns on both freeways and side streets into Live Search Maps directions. Now, customers in more than 72 U.S. cities can steer clear of delays more effectively and avoid being rerouted into side street traffic jams.

1-Click Directions. Live Search Maps provides an innovative driving directions feature, 1-Click Directions, which provides instant directions to one destination from most major routes. With only a single click, customers can get directions for themselves and everyone else, no matter where they’re coming from.

Category browsing. Using business categories such as “hotel” or “gym,” customers can broadly explore specific locations and neighborhoods to see what businesses are nearby.

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Hybrid Bird’s Eye imagery. In addition to standard aerial and satellite imagery, Live Search Maps allows customers to change to a bird’s-eye (45-degree) view of the area, giving unique views of real-world locations and providing insight into what it is like there. The recent addition of Hybrid Bird’s Eye enhances the experience by enabling customers to view labels for roads, buildings, parks and more over bird’s-eye maps, providing a stronger visual context and making the imagery more usable for navigation purposes.

Vivid 3-D experience. This feature, built into the existing Live Search Maps browser interface, gives customers a 3-D experience that allows them to search, browse and organize local information in a three-dimensional way. The 3-D functionality enables them to effectively find relevant data, making Live Search Maps more immersive than ever. The recent update features enhanced three-dimensional city models, offering up to 10 times the number of buildings in each city, as well as 3-D trees, detailed terrain features, and more accurate building textures and coloring. Initially, these updates are available in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas and Denver, and will soon roll out to more than 250 cities where 3-D models are currently available.

Share It

Export custom Collections. Customers can now export Collections in formats that are compatible with Global Positioning System (GPS) devices, including KML, GPX and GeoRSS, enabling customers to create custom maps and lists of places, load them into a personal navigation device and take them on the road.

Neighborhood Subscribe via RSS. In Live Search Maps, customers can use the Neighborhood Subscribe feature to zoom in to any neighborhood and subscribe to updates in that region via RSS. Customers can now stay up to date on activities happening in a specific neighborhood as other people add Collections, items and maps pertaining to that neighborhood in Live Search Maps.

Enhanced tour. Customers can now film and share high-definition interactive tours of Live Search Maps Collections. Along with higher-quality video, customers have increased control of icon and photo display, data rates, titles and more during the recording process.

Outlook integration. Customers have the capability to share maps and directions through Microsoft Office Outlook.2

Printing. Customers also can print maps without the driving directions. Further improvements in printing functionality include pushpins, routes and search results made visible on the printed map.


Live Search Maps is available at Imagery and feature availability vary by market.

1 Bird’s-eye, Hybrid Bird’s Eye and 3-D views and real-time traffic updates are available in many major U.S. cities. For 3-D view, Virtual Earth 3D (beta) must be installed on the computer. Real-time traffic information is available at by going to the action bar and clicking on “Check traffic.”

2 Separate download of the Microsoft Office Outlook plug-in is required.

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