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Windows Live Spaces
Fact Sheet - August 2006

Real Friends. Real Stories.

Windows Live™ Spaces ( is a free, easy-to-use, customizable social networking and blogging service that provides you with a place to connect with your friends, express your individuality and tell your story using blogs, photos and more.

Windows Live Spaces is available in more than 36 markets in 15 languages around the world, and is deeply integrated with other Windows Live services to provide a seamless communications experience around a common contacts list.

Share Your Story in Rich and Meaningful Ways, Even When on the Go

Windows Live Spaces has a broad range of tools to tell your story and offers unlimited customization through gadgets.

Photos. Share your story through photos. Upload up to 500 photos per month for others to view, comment on or print.

Blogs. Share your story or thoughts for others to read, comment and link to.

Customization. Choose from over 100 themes. Drag and drop modules on your space as you like them.

Gadgets.1 Add unique features such as the weather report for your city or your daily horoscope to your space from one of the widest selection of independently developed gadgets.

Lists. Create lists of anything you want, from your favorite music to your favorite Web sites.

Integration of services. Add modules to your space to show your Windows Live Favorites (, your items for sale on Windows Live Expo2 (, your Xbox Live® gamer card and more. Spaces is also closely integrated with Windows Live Messenger so a “gleam” will appear next to the Windows Live Messenger Contact icon of the space’s owner, making it easy for friends and family to know when there have been changes.

Make money.2 Use affiliate programs such as lists to make money from the traffic you draw to your space.

Mobile publishing. Take pictures and post photos or blog entries from a mobile phone when you are on the go.3

E-mail publishing. Post updates to large groups by e-mailing the updates straight to your space.

Toolbar. Blog about any Web site with just one click from the Windows Live Toolbar.

Ads opt-out. You can opt to remove ads from your Windows Live Space if you are a paying subscriber of Hotmail® Plus or MSN® Premium.2

PowerToys. Use optional modules to easily add streaming video hosted elsewhere with the Windows Media® Player, customize directly with the Custom HTML tool or jazz up your space with the Tweak UI tool.

Stay in Touch With Friends and Explore New Spaces

Windows Live Spaces allows you to seamlessly find, connect and communicate with friends, family and friends of friends in your “real” social network.

Friends Explorer. Explore your friends’ social networks from Spaces, Windows Live Messenger or Mail and invite new friends to your own friends list.

Active contact updates. Sign up to have your friends’ contact details automatically updated whenever they change them.

People search. Search for people based on name, interests, age, location and more.

Notification. Be notified of updates to your favorite spaces in Windows Live Messenger, RSS feeds, e-mail and mobile alerts.

Contact control. Hover over a user’s profile picture to select options to view their space or profile, invite them to be a friend, invite them to join your Windows Live Messenger contact list, subscribe to their contact updates or initiate an instant messaging conversation.

Mobile browsing. Check out friends’ spaces and photos, and leave comments from your mobile phone.

Interest tags. See and explore the most popular interest tags users have applied to their profile in the tag cloud, which shows larger text for more popular tags.

Updated Spaces. See a map of the world with flashing stars wherever a space is updated. Spaces has more than 120 million users from Australia to Alaska.

Home page. Discover the best content, whether it belongs to celebrities or a creative user, on the updated Windows Live Spaces home page.

Control Who Can Interact With You and Your Family

Windows Live Spaces puts you in control of your privacy by providing you with flexible options.

Permission controls. Specify who can see and link to your space. Settings include Windows Live Messenger Contacts only, Everyone, Windows Live Messenger Contacts and Friends, Windows Live Messenger Contacts, Friends and Friends of Friends, or Custom.

Communication preferences. Specify who can contact you and how you prefer to be contacted.

Statistics. See how many page views your space is getting and where the traffic is coming from.

Default settings. Users under 18 are defaulted to Windows Live Messenger Only permission settings for their own safety.2

Windows Live Spaces for Advertisers

Windows Live Spaces enables advertisers to be part of the rich Spaces experience for their target audience in rich and effective ways. More information is available at

Be part of a user’s life story. Nonintrusive, pervasive superbanner and home page rich media ads allow you to reach your audience without compromising their experience.

Target whom you want to reach. The integration of Windows Live ID profile information into the ad platform allows a unique level of targeting to home in on a hard-to-reach audience. An estimated 60 percent of Windows Live Spaces users and 80 percent of its page views are targetable.

Create rich experiences. Flexible solutions allow you to meet your marketing and brand objectives in exciting and innovative ways.

Windows Live Spaces by the Numbers

Since its launch in December 2004, Windows Live Spaces, formerly MSN Spaces, has grown faster than almost any other service out there.

Largest blogging service in the world. According to comScore Networks Inc. data, Windows Live Spaces is the world’s largest blogging service4 with over 100 million users per month. This number doesn’t include many large Spaces markets such as China. Microsoft® internal data shows the service has more than 120 million users as of June 2006. That’s just under three users added to the Spaces audience every second since its launch.

Almost as many photos as people in world. Photos are one of the most popular features of Windows Live Spaces. Over 6 million photos are uploaded to Spaces every day, and over 5.2 billion photos have been uploaded since launch in December 2004.

The Spacecraft. The Spacecraft (, the Windows Live Spaces team blog with useful updates and a forum for discussions and feedback, has received over 2 million hits since launch in August 2005.

Windows Live Spaces System Requirements

Users will need the following to run Windows Live Spaces:

Internet Explorer® browser software version 6.0 Service Pack 1 or later must be installed on the computer, though it does not need to be the default browser. (The default browser can be FireFox 1.5, Safari 4.1 or Opera 9.0, for instance.)

Internet functionality requires dial-up or broadband Internet access (provided separately). Local or long-distance charges may apply. (Broadband connection is required for video features.)

Microsoft Passport or Windows Live ID account

1 Gadgets are third-party-hosted software applications built on a standard software development kit available at that can be plugged into Windows Live Spaces or among other services. Windows Live Spaces users can choose from the hundreds of community-built gadgets available on the Windows Live Gadget Gallery at to add to their space.

2 Not available in all markets

3 Wireless air time charges may apply. Refer to your wireless service plan for details.


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