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MSN Calendar Fact Sheet

MSN Calendar
Fact Sheet
July 2002

What: MSN® Calendar is the free* online organizer that helps customers simplify and manage their schedules and coordinate with the people they care about. It is part of the MSN integrated communications experience, which also includes MSN Hotmail® e-mail and Address Book. MSN Calendar allows customers to manage their calendars from any PC with Internet access and is easily accessible via MSN Hotmail® . Using MSN Calendar as their online organizer helps consumers establish MSN as their home on the Web.

Features: MSN Calendar offers customers a place to add and track appointments, tasks, reminders and notes. It is available in 12 languages and features the following:

Today Page. MSN Calendars Today Page provides customers with a summary of their days appointments, tasks, reminders and notes, as well as local weather information. MSN Messenger Service buddies are also integrated into this view, and new e-mail messages are summarized in the customers Hotmail Inbox.

Multiple views. Customers can view their schedule by day, week, month or year.

Import/Export. Customers can transfer appointments, tasks, notes and reminders from the Microsoft® Outlook® 97, 98 or 2000 messaging and collaboration client, Yahoo! Calendar, Windows® CE operating system devices or Palm devices (Windows 3.0 for the Palm Desktop and above and Palm Desktop for Mac OS 2.5 and above).

Task management. Customers can quickly sort and prioritize all tasks in one place and set reminders for when they are due. Customers can set specific task reminders.

Notes. Customers can create "online stickies" for all the little things that need to be tracked.

Twelve languages. Customers can view the calendar in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, simplified Chinese, Swedish and traditional Chinese.

Microsoft .NET Passport integration. Customers can get organized in a safe, private place. Using Microsoft .NET Passport helps secure information and keeps others from accessing any information stored in MSN Calendar.

Easy to print. Customers can access "printer-friendly" versions for every view.

Integration with MSN Groups. Customers can integrate a central community MSN Calendar into an MSN Group created on MSN so important dates can be shared with friends and family.

Add2Calendar. Customers can easily add events on MSN channel sites to their MSN Calendar, simply by clicking the Add2Calendar button. The button is currently available on MSN Live (Celebrity Chats) and MSN Groups (calendars).

Reminders via .NET Alerts. All of MSN Calendars reminders utilize advanced Microsoft .NET Alerts technology. Customers simply indicate where they want their reminders sent, and .NET handles the rest.

Integration with MSN Mobile. Customers can access appointments and tasks from MSN Calendar on any MSN Mobile-based device. An appointment or task can be added from virtually any digital Web-enabled phone, and MSN Calendar will be updated.

Integration with MSN Explorer. Customers can take immediate advantage of MSN Calendar when MSN Explorer is installed. By customizing the My Stuff bar to include the My Calendar button, users can quickly access MSN Calendar from anywhere on the Web.

Availability: MSN Calendar is available at .

* Connect-time charges may apply.

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