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MSN Spaces Fact Sheet
MSN Spaces is a free community communications offering from MSN that allows consumers to create personal Internet Spaces sites where they can express themselves in a variety of ways and interact with the people they care about most.

Updated November 2005

MSN Spaces is an entirely free1 community communications offering from MSN that allows consumers to create personal Internet Spaces sites where they can express themselves in a variety of ways and interact with the people they care about most. MSN Spaces is more than an ordinary personal Web site; it’s an easy-to-use service, like a dynamic online scrapbook, that provides people with a place to create and update a Web log, or blog, and share their photos, music playlists and more, all while better connecting them with friends, family or the online world.

MSN Spaces, available in 30 markets and 15 languages, comes with a rich notification system that informs people’s contacts about changes to their Spaces to help bring people closer together.

MSN Spaces Enables Rich Self-Expression

MSN Spaces enables consumers to easily share things with the people they care about in a format that can be easily customized. People can start a Space with just a few clicks, and then personalize it to reflect their moods, interests and preferences:

Rich layout. Customization of a Space is easily accessible to the creator of the Space and includes options for choosing more than 80 Themes, different modules and layouts to customize their MSN Spaces quickly.

Web logs. The MSN Spaces features an easy-to-use blogging module that enables the average consumer to easily create, publish and maintain online personal journals, or blogs, online as well as link to photos and other Web sites.

Photo albums. Consumers can upload up to 30 MB of photos (750 images after compression) to their Spaces sites and display them to others in slide shows and create online photo albums they can share with others.

E-mail uploads. In addition to being able to update their Space from any Web browser, customers can also send entries to their blog or upload photos they’ve taken with their text-enabled mobile phone2 to their Space from their mobile devices.

Music favorites and lists. Consumers can create and manage lists of information that is important to them, such as their favorite music, books or travel destinations. Consumers can easily share playlists through their Space with Microsoft® Windows Media® technologies. By clicking on a tab in the Music Lists, the Spaces visitor will be taken to the MSN Music service where they can find related information and in many cases will even directly purchase music.3

MSN Spaces Helps Users Connect With Others

MSN Spaces is designed to help people express themselves online while better connecting them with their friends, family and other contacts:

Contact Cards. When a person clicks on a Contact Card in a MSN Messenger or Hotmail® Contact list, the card pops up and gives a sneak peek at that contact’s Space — from its look and feel to the person’s most recent postings. The Contact Card includes links to the Space and those entries for easy access.

Gleaming. When a Spaces site is updated or content is added, a “gleam” will appear next to the MSN Messenger Contact icon of the Space’s owner, making it easy for friends and family to know when there have been changes. This facilitates more visits to a Space, faster responses to new postings, and closer bonds between Space owners and their contacts.

Alerts for MSN Spaces updates. MSN Spaces customers can sign up to be alerted when their favorite public Spaces are updated or when a visitor comments on their Space. Alerts can be received via e-mail, SMS text message2 or MSN Messenger “toast.”

Finding new friends. People have the ability to search other Spaces that allow public access and discover Spaces of those with shared interests. MSN Spaces also contains New and Updated Spaces modules to help customers discover the freshest content.

RSS. MSN Spaces also supports RSS 2.0, so viewers can keep abreast of updates using RSS readers such as My MSN.3 Any Space where the RSS feeds have been enabled will have a My MSN button so customers can easily add their favorite Spaces with just a few clicks. This is another way to ensure that the people who matter most to a user can stay up to date on his or her Space.

MSN Toolbar. The new MSN Toolbar contains a link that allows users to go straight to their Space or to blog about interesting Web sites with just one click.3

MSN Spaces Offers Protection and Control

MSN Spaces is designed to give consumers control over how they share their Space information and who can access it.

Permissions. When signing up for an MSN Space, consumers will have three permission control settings to choose from, enabling them to decide just how widely they want to share their content:

Public: Viewable by anyone, but viewers require Microsoft .NET Passport authentication before commenting to prevent comment spam.

Messenger Contacts Only: Viewable only by people on their MSN Messenger contacts list

Private: Viewable only by contacts whose e-mail addresses are manually entered by the MSN Spaces author or selected from the author’s MSN Messenger Contact list

Customers can choose to alter this permission at any time, even after they have created and begun using their Space.

Education. The education module on the right-hand side of Spaces, seen only in the author mode, provides tips and tools on how to get the most out of MSN Spaces and help stay safe online.

Controls. MSN Spaces gives the consumer control over how others interact with his or her Space. MSN Spaces includes settings that give each person power over who views his or her

Space and how people can interact, read and comment on the Space. This includes the ability to set up the Space so people can read but not comment. Customers have the ability to broadly place permissions on their entire MSN Space and depending on their preference, they can also set more granular permissions on the blog module in their Spaces.

Statistics. Consumers will be able to track visitor statistics on their Spaces site, so they will know how many people are visiting as well as other detailed information

1 Internet connection fees may apply.

2 The free MSN service does not include any charges made by a wireless carrier for sending or receiving messages.

3 Features and services based on market availability.

The service features listed herein relate to prerelease features and content that may be modified before their commercial release or withdrawn. Accordingly, the information may not accurately describe or reflect the service channels and content as they appear when they are commercially released. This information is provided for informational purposes only, and Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to this section of the service or the information contained on it.

Microsoft, MSN, Windows Media and Hotmail are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries.

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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