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Microsoft Statement on Smart Tags in Windows XP

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Microsoft Statement on Smart Tags in Windows XP

June 28, 2001

Microsoft believes that the vibrancy of the web is enhanced when users have the ability to choose how they receive information, and have the ability to customize what they see, or get more information in a way that is natural to them. This belief in user empowerment is at the core of smart tags. As a result of smart tags in beta versions of Windows XP and IE, we received lots of feedback, and have realized that there is a need to better balance the user experience with the legitimate concerns of content providers and web sites. This type of feedback is desired and is exactly the reason we distribute betas. In this case, we will not have enough time to make changes to smart tags prior to the October 25 Windows XP launch, so smart tags will not be a part of Windows XP or IE 6 when it ships. Smart Tags in Office XP are not affected by this decision. Microsoft remains committed to this type of technology,, and will work closely with content providers and partners in the industry in the coming months to further refine how it can be used.

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