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Microsoft Windows XP Starter Edition Fact Sheet
An overview of the features and benefits of Microsoft Windows XP Starter Edition.

December 2007


The Microsoft Windows operating system remains at the center of the ongoing evolution of the personal computer, enabling users to experience the power of the PC in new ways. In spite of these advances, millions of individuals still have not experienced even the most basic benefits of the personal computer or accessed the world of social and economic benefits that computer technology can make possible.

Microsoft Unlimited Potential is the company’s commitment to enabling sustained social and economic opportunity for the next 5 billion people, a commitment that requires a focus on providing relevant, accessible and affordable technologies for underserved people everywhere.

As a result of ongoing collaborations with governments on PC access programs and increasing digital inclusion, Microsoft developed Windows XP Starter Edition in 2004, an operating system designed for first-time PC owners in developing technology markets.

Microsoft Windows XP Starter Edition is designed to offer an affordable and easy-to-use entry point to the Windows family of products that is optimized for lower-end hardware, tailored to local markets, in local languages, and is compatible with a wide range of Windows-based applications and devices.

Windows XP Starter Edition began as a limited pilot program at the request of government partners and then grew into a product benefitting millions of first-time PC owners in 139 countries around the world. Windows Vista Starter was launched in January 2007 as part of the Windows Vista Family.

Windows XP Starter Edition Features

Windows XP Starter Edition balances the needs of first-time PC owners in developing technology markets by delivering proven Microsoft technology at a more affordable price, and optimized specifically for lower end hardware. Windows XP Starter Edition features include the following:

Localized and tailored support. Windows XP Starter Edition features a redesigned help system, called My Support, which includes a built-in, detailed Getting Started Guide. In addition, Windows XP Starter Edition features local language instructional videos designed specifically for first-time PC users.

Localized customization. With Windows XP Starter Edition, users in most markets can choose from market-specific wallpapers and screensavers with familiar landscapes, flags and region-specific traditional designs.

Preconfigured settings. Windows XP Starter Edition will help reduce confusion regarding setup options for entry-level users by preconfiguring advanced settings and enabling the Windows Firewall to be always on.

Simplified task management. With Windows XP Starter Edition, first-time home PC users can have up to three programs and three windows per program running concurrently. Further simplification of the operating system includes setting a maximum display resolution of 1024x768 and no support for PC-to-PC home networking, sharing printers across a network or more advanced features such as the ability to establish multiple user accounts on a single PC.

Windows XP Starter Edition includes basic Windows XP features that allow users to take advantage of computing experiences popular with most first-time PC users, such as the following:

Internet connectivity. Windows XP Starter Edition makes it simple to connect to the Internet and browse the Web.

Software and hardware compatibility. Windows XP Starter Edition will be compatible with a wide range of Windows-based software applications and hardware devices, including printers, speakers and cameras.

Windows user interface. The intuitive Windows user interface makes it easy for users to get up to speed quickly.

Security. Windows XP Starter Edition users will be able to stay up to date and more secure with the latest security updates delivered in Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Advanced Security Technologies.

Communication. Windows Messenger will help make it fun and easy to communicate with friends and family through real-time text messaging.

Digital photography. Users simply plug in a digital camera, and easy-to-use tools help them store photos, share photos with family and friends, post photos to a Web site, or even make their own prints with one of the many printers currently supported by Windows XP.

Digital music and video. Windows XP Starter Edition includes Windows Media Player 9 Series, which allows users to listen to music and watch videos.

Windows XP Starter Edition Geographic and Language Availability

Windows XP Starter Edition is shipped on low-cost PCs sold by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), distributed in more than 88 countries around the world, and localized in 24 languages. Two multilingual versions of Windows XP Starter Edition were released earlier this year. These multilingual editions will enable people in India and Malaysia to operate PCs in their native languages or English. An English version has also recently been released for distribution to most emerging markets worldwide.

Windows XP Starter Edition Pricing

Windows XP Starter Edition is the most affordable Windows operating system offered to date. Specific pricing information is available to participating PC OEMs and Microsoft OEM distributors.

Windows XP Starter Edition Top-Line System Requirements

Windows XP Starter Edition is designed for low-cost, entry-level PCs running value-based processors. Please see the current list of processors valid for both Windows XP Starter Edition and Windows Vista Starter on the Windows Vista Starter home page located under System Requirements here: Windows XP Starter Edition has the following top-line system requirements:

233MHz processor minimum (300MHz or higher processor recommended)

256 MB of RAM; 512 MB of RAM maximum (recommended)

256 MB of RAM; 512 MB of RAM maximum (recommended)

Super VGA 800 x 600 resolution video adaptor

Recommended system requirements:

CD-ROM or DVD drive

Monitor, keyboard and Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device

Support for DirectX 9 graphics and 32 MB of graphics memory

Internet access (fees may apply)

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