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Microsoft Biometric ID Technology 

The benefits of Microsoft Biometric ID Technology

Microsoft Biometric ID Technology can be deployed using simple, low-cost hardware and regular paper. It also can complement smart cards in environments where smart cards are desirable or have already been deployed.

    Cryptographically tamper-resistant
    Information on the ID card is digitally signed using proven Public-Key technology and stored in a newly developed bar code. During verification, the integrity of the information on the card is checked against the contents of the bar code.

    New barcode technology addresses biometric storage needs in a small space
    A new 8 color triangular symbology yields 9,600 bits (1,200 bytes)/sq inch (25mm2), a typical photo ID with a compressed face would require a 1” x 0.25” inch (27mm x 7mm) barcode.

    Cost-effective to issue
    ID cards can be printed on common physical media such as paper or plastic, with no additional special features. Thus, the cost of each ID card is the cost of the physical item on which it is printed.

    Cost-effective to validate
    The integrity of the information on the ID card is validated using PC software and a business card scanner. The only remaining requirement is for a person to confirm that the face on the card matches the face of the presenter, additionally provides multi-factored authentication when additional biometrics are stored in the barcode.

    Does not compromise the privacy of the individual
    Microsoft Biometric ID Technology does not require the remote creation, access or storage of any personally identifiable information. All the information required to check the validity of the card is on the card itself. Furthermore, the information on the card cannot be changed by the issuer without issuing a new card, meaning that the cardholder is always aware of any changes to the information on the card.

    Can be combined with any biometric data
    In demanding situations where an organization wants a greater level of protection, Microsoft Biometric ID Technology supports integration of other biometric data such as iris or fingerprint data.

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