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Microsoft Biometric ID Technology 

The Challenge of existing ID technology

Personal identification (ID) cards are used every day by all kinds of people for everything from proving one’s age before entering a bistro to establishing one’s identity before cashing a check or gaining access to a data center.

A valid ID card is a powerful tool for ensuring that important policies, such as minimum age requirements for the purchase of alcoholic beverages, are honored. Conversely, a fraudulent ID card can be used to subvert policy and commit crime. To help prevent such violations it is essential that institutions issue ID cards that provide reliable, easy-to-use mechanisms for verifying the integrity of the information on the card.

Enhancements such as holograms, watermarks and embedded micro-threads are now commonly employed to establish the validity of ID cards. Forgery of these features has traditionally been sufficiently difficult and expensive to discourage the widespread production of phony ID cards. However, the availability of inexpensive, high-quality printing devices has made such reproduction increasingly attainable. Smart cards, which offer the benefit of storing cryptographically secure information, have proven effective in many authentication solutions, although the costs involved can be prohibitive for wide deployment.

Microsoft Biometric ID Technology provides a cryptographically secure ID card that can be easily deployed at a low cost.

Microsoft Biometric ID Technology can be deployed using simple, low-cost hardware and regular paper. It also can complement smart cards in environments where smart cards are desirable or have already been deployed.

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