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Microsoft Biometric ID Technology 

Microsoft Biometric ID Technology - ID Creation

A card based on Microsoft Biometric ID Technology contains the following information:
  • A portrait photo of the individual.
  • Textual information about the individual, which depends on the type of ID card. For example, a driver’s license typically includes information about the individual, such as first name, last name, date of birth and physical characteristics such as height and weight.
  • Some textual information about the issuing authority that supplied the card

Once this information is entered into the system, the Microsoft Biometric ID Technology card creation software accomplishes the following:

  1. Creates a cryptographic hash of the textual data using a standard algorithm such as SHA1

  2. Compresses the facial features present on the portrait photo

  3. Digitally signs the hash and the compressed facial features, using the private key of the issuing authority

  4. Creates a bar code that comprises the information (from Step 3)

  5. Prints the portrait, textual information and bar code on the ID card

ID Creation (iris as biometric example)

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