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What is BackOffice?
Why you should join
Who is a logo member
how to join
Frequently Asked Questions

Get the latest software technical requirements for the Designed for Microsoft® BackOffice® Logo Program. Please use these requirements for any products you submit for testing after April 1, 1999.


IT Managers have come to trust the "Designed for Microsoft® BackOffice®" logo, because they know that hardware and software products which display the logo have been tested in the Microsoft BackOffice and Windows NT environments, and offer enhanced quality, consistency, and confidence in the enterprise.

Increasingly, IT Managers are also insisting that applications developed internally carry the logo—so they know that these applications meet the fundamental criteria, and are on track with the continuing development of Windows NT Server® and the BackOffice environment.

Hardware is tested by Microsoft in the BackOffice Hardware Test Laboratory.

Software Testing is performed by VeriTest, an independent test lab.

What is BackOffice?
"Microsoft BackOffice" is the name for Microsoft's server technology, encompassing Windows NT Server and related client/server applications and web based applications. The Logo indicates that an application has met defined technical criteria in the Windows NT Server and Microsoft BackOffice environments. It does not imply that it relates directly to the Microsoft BackOffice suite of applications.. More...
Why you should Join
The Microsoft Designed for BackOffice Logo Program provides Logo licensees with a way to demonstrate that their products have been tested for integration with the BackOffice family of products. To carry the BackOffice logo, candidate products, which can span OEM, Hardware, and Software categories, must meet a consistent set of technical criteria. Customers using Logo'd products are offered enhanced quality, consistency, and confidence when integrating those products into their BackOffice environments. More...
Who is a logo member
Welcome to the Logo'd Vendor List. Each list contains information on the vendors that have been tested against and met the requirements for carrying the Microsoft Designed for BackOffice logo. The lists contain a link to the company's web site, and identify the product and version or system awarded the Logo, and a brief product description of the BackOffice solution. More...
How to join
To carry the Designed for Microsoft BackOffice logo, members are tested against a predefined set of technical criteria. Once the testing is successfully completed, vendors are licensed to carry the Designed for Microsoft BackOffice logo, and are able to take advantage of the program's benefits. For more information on the steps required to initiate testing, please click on the appropriate icon for further information. More...

To find out more about the Designed for BackOffice Logo Program, read the Frequently Asked Questions document. It addresses questions about the BackOffice logo requirements for client, server, and stand-alone software applications, including unified logon, installation, event logging, database support, and testing. More...

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