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BackOffice Logo Technical Requirements Handbook
For software vendors interested in becoming a member of the Microsoft BackOffice logo program, please review the Designed for BackOffice Logo Technical Requirements for both "Requirements" and "Recommendations" in becoming a member.

Current Test Procedures
This site contains the most current Test Procedures and Test Tools.

Designed for Microsoft BackOffice Logo License Agreement
In order to become a member of the Microsoft BackOffice Logo Program, you will need to download the BackOffice Hardware Labs Testing Agreement. This license agreement is effective April 1, 1999 and should be use to accompany any products you submit for testing after April 1, 1999.

Hardware Compatibility Testing Information
Please review the following hardware testing web site for the latest information on sending in your test kit.

To carry the Designed for Microsoft® BackOffice® logo, members are tested against a predefined set of technical criteria. Once the testing is successfully completed, vendors are licensed to carry the Designed for Microsoft BackOffice logo, and are able to take advantage of the program's benefits. For more information on the steps required to initiate testing, please click on the appropriate icon for further information.


Designed for BackOffice Logo Program FAQ
Read the FAQ document to find out more about the requirements for becoming a member of the Designed for BackOffice Logo Program. The FAQ provides answers about the requirements of client, server, and stand-alone applications, including security, unified logon, testing, and database compatibility.

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