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What Does the "Designed for Microsoft BackOffice" Logo Mean on a Software Package?
The Logo means that the product or service has been tested in the Microsoft® BackOffice® and Windows NT Server® environments and has met the technical specifications for making that product or service an integral part of the Microsoft BackOffice and Office platforms.

The Logo also says that program members are focused on the following core customer values:
Applications undergo independent testing in a lab and will work in a known and predictable fashion. The updated and new requirements, along with their associated validation tests, are designed to be even more stringent so that customer "value" is achieved.

Existing APIs, new technology and industry standards are implemented in a similar fashion. By standardizing the implementation, inconsistencies and irregularities across products from different vendors are minimized.

Existing products, services, UI and components, are leveraged to improve management, increase interoperability and enhance ease of use. By doing so, the ISV can take advantage of reusable components, reduce development costs and improve time to market.

Customers can have confidence that ISV applications and the BackOffice family will work together in an integral fashion. It is only by working with ISVs that customers can obtain the complete solution to address their needs.

Software Vendors who license the "Designed for Microsoft® BackOffice®" Logo for their Windows NT Server® Products can expect many benefits from their membership with Microsoft, including:
License from Microsoft to use the Logo on your product box, in advertising, collateral or on your company web site to designate that your product(s) have received the Logo.
Listing of your product and company, including Web site links, in the Logo database located on the Microsoft Web site.
A quote from a senior Microsoft executive is provided if you are announcing in a press release that your company recently received the logo.
Visibility for qualified products in Microsoft Logo ad campaigns.
Opportunities to participate in Microsoft Partner Pavilions at key trade shows.
Invitation to participate in co-op Member marketing campaigns and events focused around Microsoft product launches.
Invitation to special press events showcasing Logo Members.

To Find Out More
For more information about the requirements for becoming a member, check out the FAQ.

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