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The Train & Learn objective is to connect you with worldwide Microsoft Project 2010 and Microsoft Project Server 2010 content across multiple languages.

Intuitive Access with the Ribbon

With the Microsoft Office Fluent™ user interface incorporated into Project 2010, you will find it much more intuitive to access relevant features and functions based on how you plan, track, and report on projects. All the old menus and toolbars have been replaced with the new Ribbon that organizes commands into logical groups on each main tab, so you can be more efficient. Whether you are managing your tasks, resources, project information, or you simply need to communicate more effectively, the Ribbon serves up relevant commands in a manner that matches the way you work. The following is just one example of how easy it is to format your Gantt chart in Project 2010 for better communication.

Step 1: Present Information More Effectively with the Format Tab

On the Format tab, you can easily format views for more effective communication. For example, modify the Gantt chart in the Gantt Chart Style group, or create Custom Fields in the Columns group.

Microsoft Office Fluent Ribbon

Step 2: Format the Gantt Chart in the Gantt Chart Style Group

In the Gantt Chart Style group, click a bar style. Scroll to see additional options.

Gantt Chart

You can scroll for more selections.

Step 3: Apply Custom Formatting to Other Options

For example, in the Bar Styles group, you can select and format other options, such as Critical Tasks.

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