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Make Smart Scheduling Decisions with Task Inspector

Use Task Inspector to help resolve scheduling problems that appear on your plan.

It’s likely that occasionally you’ll notice red underlines on dates in your Microsoft® Project 2010 project plan. These indicate possible scheduling conflicts that will require your attention to resolve. You can use the new Task Inspector tool to help you identify precisely what is causing the problem, and to choose the best corrective action to take. For instance, in the following example, you can see that the Design phase is scheduled to end sooner than the Design Complete milestone, which causes a scheduling conflict. Using Task Inspector, you can choose to extend the phase completion date, switch to Automatically Scheduled task mode to have Project resolve the conflict, or you can simply ignore the problem. You can also use Task Inspector when there are no scheduling issues, to view the factors that affect any task. For example, if a task has more than one predecessor you can quickly identify which one is driving the start date.

Step 1: Activate the Task Inspector Pane

A. Right-click the red underlined text OR, on the View tab, in the Tasks group, click Inspect.
B. Click Fix in Task Inspector.

Note: You can also click Ignore Problems for This Task to remove the red underline.

Inspect cells
Switch to auto schedule

Step 2: Use Task Inspector to Choose the Best Repair Option or to Identify Controlling Factors

A. In the Task Inspector pane, review the Problem, Repair Options, and Factors Affecting Task sections.
B. Under Repair Options, you can choose the most appropriate repair option and review the effect on your schedule.
C. Under Factors Affecting Task, you can analyze which predecessor or other factor, such as a task scheduled in Manually Scheduled task mode, is driving the start date.

Factors affecting tasks
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