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Select the right tools for today and tomorrow. Microsoft Project 2010 offers flexibility and choice by providing tailored work management solutions for individuals, teams and enterprises.

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Project 2010 increases productivity through simple and intuitive user experiences, reduces costs and drives efficiency through unified project and portfolio management, and delivers a powerful work management platform through familiar and connected tools.

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“Project 2010 is a big jump in capability… it gives project managers… a lot of visibility into project conflicts, overbookings & under-utilization...”

— Brian Sommer, ZDNet

Project 2010 Demo

Microsoft Project 2010 - Simple & Intuitive Project Management Software

Project 2010—Simple & Intuitive

Project 2010 offers easier and more intuitive experiences to help you select the right resources, collaborate with your team and meet crucial deadlines. Watch this demo to see how Project 2010 can help you effectively manage a wide range of projects and programs.

Use the Right Tool

Use The Right Tool For Project Management - Microsoft Project 2010

Use the Right Tool

Identify key signs to help you determine if your company is ready to use Project 2010 and more easily manage projects and programs. Learn the ins and outs of transitioning to Project 2010 from Microsoft Excel by using the right tool for project management. Project 2010 gives you a powerful, visually enhanced way to simply and effectively plan, manage and collaborate to realize results.

Project Server 2010 Demo

Microsoft Project Server 2010 - Unified Project and Portfolio Management

Project Server 2010—Unified Project and Portfolio Management

Project Server 2010, built on SharePoint Server 2010, delivers tailored work management solutions for individuals, teams, and the enterprise. Watch this demo to learn how Project Server 2010 can help your business deliver better performance.

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