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Project 2010: New User-Controlled Scheduling


Project 2010: Introducing Demand Management

Demand Management is about capturing all work proposals in one single place, taking these proposals through a multi-stage governance process, making decisions on which proposals to approve and tracking progress on their execution until the work is completed. A key component within Demand Management is the Workflow governance model we have now implemented within Microsoft Project Server 2010. Read on

Project 2010: Introducing Millions of Colors

While Shakespeare said “Truth needs no colour”, we decided this wasn’t true for Project 2010. With Project 2010, no longer are you limited to 16 colors.
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Project 2010: Business Intelligence Overview

In Microsoft Office Project Server 2007, the focus for reporting was on infrastructure, where we provided the infrastructure to make accessible reporting data available. The new reporting database allowed you to more easily query data from Project without the need for advanced SQL skills. The OLAP Database was also enhanced to 13 new cubes to provide richer data. Read on

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