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Add Key Milestones to the Timeline View

Communicate more effectively by easily adding key milestones to the Timeline view.

One of the best new features in Microsoft® Project 2010 is the Timeline view. The Timeline provides you with a high-level, “big picture” overview of the entire project. You can easily add key milestones or other key tasks to create a concise project summary for more effective communication to key stakeholders. When you are ready, you can send it off in an e-mail, add it to a presentation, or simply print it for an eye-catching, executive-style report.

Step 1: Add Milestones to the Timeline View

The default view in Project 2010 is a combination of the Gantt Chart view with the Timeline view layered above it.A. In the Gantt chart, click the task or milestone you want to add to the Timeline view.B. Right-click the milestone, and then click Add to Timeline.

Step 2: Format the Milestones

After adding milestones to the Timeline view, you can format them with the colors you want to use. Click the milestone in the Timeline view to automatically activate the Format dialog box. You can quickly and easily format your milestone font and background color.

Format Milestones

Step 3: Easily Send in an E-mail Message or Save to PowerPoint or to Another Office Application

A. Right-click anywhere in the Timeline view (except for on the Timeline itself).
B. Click Copy Timeline, and then click E-mail, For Presentation, or Full Size. You can also locate the Copy Timeline command on the Format tab, in the Copy group.

Copy Timeline

C. In your e-mail message, presentation, or other file, simply use the Paste function for that application.

Paste Timeline
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