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Add Project Summary Tasks & Outline Numbers

In the Show/Hide group, you can add a Project Summary Task or outline numbers, and add the Project Summary to your Timeline view.

With Microsoft® Project 2010 it’s easy to add a top-level summary task to roll up your entire project to one summary-level line. This lets you see the total duration, and start and finish dates for the entire project. You can even roll up other project details, like costs or work, if these fields are part of your schedule. In addition, you can add a project summary task to your Timeline view to create more effective presentations. An additional option is adding outline numbers for tasks, such as 1.1 or 1.2, based on the location of the task in your plan. Outline numbering updates automatically if you move or add tasks.

Step 1: Show Project Summary Tasks and Outline Numbers

A: In the Gantt Chart view, on the Format tab, in the Show/Hide group, select the Project Summary Task check box.
B: Then, select the Outline Number check box. As shown in the following example, each task will now be numbered; for example, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and so on.

Show project summary tasks & outline numbers

Step 2: Add a Project Summary Task to the Timeline View

A. In the Timeline view, on the View tab, in the Split View group, select the Timeline check box.
B. In the Task Name column, right-click the project summary task—this is the level 0 task, in this case, Development Project—and then click Add to Timeline.

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