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Enhanced Copy & Paste

Copy and paste is still alive and well. In fact, it is even better than ever with Project Professional 2010 as you can now copy and paste content while retaining key formatting such as outline levels and column headings. It could be as simple as moving a task list from an email or more complex such as moving a complete plan from Project to Excel. Either way with the improved copy and paste capability, you will be more effective setting up project plans and communicating relevant project information.

Step 1 - Copy data from another source such as an email, Outlook tasks or other Office applications

Highlight the area or data you want to copy and select the Copy command.

Highlight & Copy

Step 2 - Paste into Project Professional 2010

In Project Professional 2010, highlight the column (or columns) you want to paste the data into. In this case, we are simply pasting tasks into the task name column.

Paste into Project Professional 2010

Notice the outline structure has been retained upon paste and Design, Develop and Implement are all phases

Step 3 - Copy and Paste from Project to other Office applications

If you highlight the specific column headings and data that you want to paste into other Office applications such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint – the formatting and column headings will be retained for more effective presentation and communication. Give it a try and you will be impressed how easy it is to share project information without having to reformat data.

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