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Effectively Manage Resources with Team Planner View

Use Team Planner view to easily visualise resource workloads and simply drag tasks or resources to change assignments.

In the Team Planner view in Microsoft® Project Professional 2010 you can see at a glance what tasks have been assigned to resources. With a simple dragging motion you can change existing assignments to over allocated resources or assign currently unassigned tasks to available resources. In the Team Planner view you’ll find that managing resources just got a whole lot easier.

Step 1: Go to the Team Planner View

To go to the Team Planner view, on the View tab, in the Resource Views group, click Team Planner. (You can also access the Team Planner view at the bottom of the screen, in the View shortcuts on the status bar.)

Team Planner View

Step 2: Drag Unassigned Tasks to Available Resources

In the Unassigned Tasks pane in the Team Planner view, drag tasks to any resource name. You can also drag to move existing task assignments to other resources.

Step 3: Drag a Task to Reschedule Start and Finish Dates

Simply drag a task to start earlier (left) or later (right).

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