Cloud-Based Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Industry Solution Empowers Law Firm

The law firm Effekt eliminated nonessential administrative processes. Now they are ready to take advantage of the time and cost savings they’ve gained and concentrate on essentials.


As a newly established law firm, how do we make sure that we are able to adjust IT costs and capacity as our business evolves—making it easier to establish the business today and grow it tomorrow? And which IT system can give us this flexibility and ensure that the specific requirements of the legal profession are effectively met, so we can eliminate nonessential processes and streamline case workflow?

These questions were top of mind when the full-service law firm Effekt went looking for an IT solution.


Effekt chose a cloud-based, industry-specific solution for lawyers consisting of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, Legal365 (Navokat), and Office 365. The three solutions are tightly integrated and together provide a complete overview of everything from financial management to time-saving journaling direct from Microsoft Outlook. Legal365, which contains specific law firm–related work processes, is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. Information on specific cases—everything from correspondence and templates to financial information and contacts—can be easily found from both Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and Outlook via a special function in Outlook. This enables Effekt to journal, record time, create and convert Word-based letter temples to PDF, and create quotations, all with just a few clicks directly from Outlook. The complete solution is operated and hosted in one place: Abakion, which is a total IT consulting partner.

*We won’t have to hire an administrative assistant.*

Jesper Lindhardt

“We are very satisfied with the collaboration,” says Effekt partner Jesper Lindhardt. “The overall approach at Abakion matches the modern philosophy of a modern law firm like ours, which consists of younger lawyers.” About the choice of the solution, Lindhardt elaborates, “We already knew the solution from one of the large law firms, and therefore we knew it was tried and tested.”


The solution satisfied Effekt’s need to implement a complete IT infrastructure quickly, so the firm could focus on its essential work. The firm also appreciates the flexibility it has to adapt the solution to new processes in the future.

Ready-to-run solution

“We have a complete, ready-to-run solution that we can start using quickly, and which is targeted to the needs of a law firm like ours,” says Lindhardt. The law firm tested the solution a few days before they went live. “The test confirmed our positive expectations that we have more time for the essentials and therefore faster processing. I look forward to streamlining our case management 360 degrees around our needs,” Lindhardt adds.

Saves administrative employees

Effekt expects to realize significant benefits through the solution's automated workflows that simplify administrative processes and enable the four lawyers to handle all the administration themselves. In the short term, this will eliminate the need to hire an administrative assistant. “Going forward, we will be able to handle everything ourselves,” Lindhardt enthuses. “From financial management, time tracking and document management, to filing. Without this solution, our administrative tasks would require hiring a full-time administrative assistant.”

Filing directly from Outlook

In the future, archiving files and documents in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 will take place directly from Outlook instead of manual handling. Lindhardt explains, “With just one click in Outlook, the automated workflow takes care of everything. The files are automatically placed in their proper directories and under the proper case number. It will save us so much time. Plus, it will be so easy to retrieve documents.”

*We have a complete, ready-to-run and flexible solution that we can start using quickly.*

Jesper Linkhardt

“The time registration tool will give us a better picture of profitability and enable us to invoice faster. At the end of the day, this will strengthen our liquidity,” he adds.

About the user experience, Lindhart says, “The Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 solution and Legal365 and Office 365 are pure plug-and-play so it’s easy to get started. And it’s also smart—everything is done in a single system, and all the tools are familiar because they are similar to Office programs.”

Up and running from day one

There are two reasons why the Effekt law firm wanted to implement a cloud-based business solution to streamline administrative processes. First, they want to have access to an effective and targeted IT toolkit that makes it easy to get started. And second, they have plans to eventually grow their business.

Explains Lindhardt, “By selecting a cloud-based solution, we have a complete, ready-to-run IT environment from day one. This ensures that we are up and running fast, without us having to think about anything related to IT. A cloud-based solution fits like a glove with our desire to simplify and streamline.”

Value-adding flexibility

The flexibility of Microsoft's cloud platform is also central to Effekt’s future growth plans. The plan is to employ 20 lawyers. “By placing all our IT in the cloud, we can adjust for users and capacity,” Lindhardt says. “So when we have to we can just add new users. This flexibility is of immense value to a dynamic start-up company like ours. We are not locked into a system, and can easily adjust the system to meet our needs.”

He adds, “Compared to the value that the solution creates, I don’t hesitate to call the investment reasonable and absolutely acceptable. I look forward to realizing the anticipated benefits of the new Azure-based Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 industry solution for attorneys.”

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Document published December 2013

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