Brokerage Firm Improves Customer Service by Deploying a CRM Solution

As one of the leading brokerage firms in Russia, BKS Financial Group wanted to provide a better level of service to its customers. Unfortunately, the company was having trouble in getting up-to date information. This was due to the numerous databases utilized by its network of affiliates involving 56 offices and 50 agencies located across the major cities in Russia. This was compounded by the fact that there was a 2-day delay in updating consumer information. On top of that, the integrity of their client data was prone to errors, as the call center was using a separate database. By implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, the company could streamline their business workflow; upgrade the firm’s IT ecosystem as well as being more effective in attending to the needs of its clientele.


The BKS FG business model is based on a customized approach to a client’s financial objectives, using personal financial planning technology. A personal financial advisor creates a customized portfolio from a wide range of banking and investment products, optimizing ways to achieve the client's financial objectives. Initial client requests to the company are processed by the call center, which assigns a personal financial advisor.

*By switching over to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, we now have complete visibility over a client’s portfolio, giving us the ability to provide a higher level of service than ever before.*

Anton Grabarov
Director Client Services
BKS Financial Group

For this purpose, the company needs complete and updated client information with all the communication channels, automated sales and service business processes including tools to collect and analyze performance data from the engagement channels and affiliates.

The company's previous CRM system was lagging behind the company’s growing business needs. It was based on fat client technology and had more than 50 separate databases in every affiliate, with more than 2-days error-prone replication processing time. Moreover, the call center also used a separate database, resulting in multiple errors with client data integrity.

Implementing a new strategy, the Financial Group launched a number of IT upgrade projects, including a new CRM deployment project. This ambitious plan aimed to solve such key issues as providing staff with full client data, maintaining high-quality interactions in all communications channels and ensuring a deep and granular data insight to support operational and strategic management decisions.


The first project stage was to select a software solution. After extended evaluation of other CRM systems, the company chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. The key reasons for this selection were flexibility and scalability of the platform, a friendly user interface, and reasonable license and debugging fees. TOPS Consulting (formerly AND Project) was selected as the implementing partner.

The project team was given the following tasks:

  1. To debug the system according to the BKS FG sales business workflows including maintaining pipeline, client investment profiling, "cold" contact workflows and more.

  2. To support full data migration from the earlier CRM system.

  3. To launch 80 incoming and outgoing integration flows to display the necessary client information in the CRM system and to download it to the BI and back-office systems.

  4. To support integration of the CRM system and telephony both for the first (call center) and second (financial advisors) lines.

The project produced a solution that dramatically enhanced basic Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 functionality while complying with BKS requirements.

The system introduced multiple roles for different client-facing business units — financial advisors, service staff, personal brokers, call center team members, among others. Users had access only to the client data they need to work with, ensuring the safety of confidential information.

The system automatically records all calls to the BKS contact center, and all face-to-face office requests are logged manually by service staff. This helps to track communications performance from clients using the service for the first time.

The created business workflow is implemented directly in the CRM system. For example, a call to the call center creates a client ticket. A request ticket automatically populates all available data automatically into the system such as: telephone number of the client, the most appropriate affiliate, and the promotional campaign used. Subsequently, the system automatically generates a list of the affiliate financial advisors available to accept the call. After accepting the call, a financial advisor sees the client's profile automatically displayed on the screen with the populated information. This significantly streamlines the business processes for a financial advisor and improves customer service.

All the information entered in the system (clients, their investment portfolios, prospect deals, calls, appointments, etc.) is uploaded to the specially designed Data Mart that is also populated with financial information from the corporate data warehouse. This information is used as the basis for performance reports on the engagement channels and sales offices.

The reports help to detect bottlenecks and define appropriate remedies.

The implemented single sign-on technology in the CRM system client ticket helps users to see not only the data from the system itself, but also reports from other systems such as: client brokerage reports, dynamic and composition data related to the client's assets.


Currently, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has more than 800 BKS internal users. More than 50 company affiliates from Kaliningrad to the Far East provide financial services using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

BFS Financial Group plans further enhancement of the system functionality with the priorities for marketing campaigns through different channels (financial advisors, call center, e-mail, SMS, online banking), automated processing of Internet applications, client segmentation and service level customization depending on the client segment.

Microsoft Dynamics
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País ou região: Russia
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Perfil da organização:

BKS Financial Group is a leading brokerage house in Russia. It provides stock market services to more than 4,000 companies and 119,000 clients. The firm has an affiliate network involving 56 offices and 50 agencies in major Russian cities.

Situação comercial:

The company was having trouble in providing a high level of service to its customers due to an aging IT ecosystem and a myriad of asynchronous databases which were not providing client data in real-time.

  • Comprehensive client portfolio visibility

  • Streamlined business process

  • More effective workflow using automation

  • Complete end-to-end CRM cycle

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface

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