Leasing Company Improves Customer Service by Deploying a CRM Solution

OJSC VTB Leasing is Russia’s leading leasing company that offers a wide and diverse range of leasing services such as aircraft, railway transport, sea-going and river vessels, real estate and power engineering equipment. The company operates in Russia as well as abroad. The firm needed a comprehensive CRM solution that would allow a shorter time-to-market cycle for its products, including support, enhance customer relationship, improve the company’s sales workflow and boost collaboration between its business units. Implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has allowed the company to meet all of its business requirements, by giving its employees more time to focus on its international clientele, in order to be able to provide a higher level of service.


Since 2012, the corporate leasing market has demonstrated strong growth in the client base, thanks to small and medium businesses in the freight and passenger vehicles segment. While there has been a fall in the average value of the deals, their total number has grown.

*Implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has provided the company with the needed visibility to fully interact with our clients, improved the manageability of our business processes, as well as making contract information easily accessible to our business units at any given time.*

Maria Bar-Birjukova
Head of CRM Department
KORUS Consulting

OJSC VTB Leasing focuses on its competitive advantages and performance and strives to meet the clients' needs in offering quality leasing services.

To this end, OJSC VTB Leasing offers a wider range of products and better deals to its clients.

One of the key drivers is the development of an efficient ERP solution. This should provide improved time-to-market for new leasing products and support for the related sales workflow, while minimizing the learning curve for the company’s staff and improve collaboration between business units.

Following its strategy, OJSC VTB Leasing took the decision to implement a CRM system for a more efficient interaction workflow with its clients.


"Our company needed a CRM system that would support a unified business workflow that can cover all the company’s diverse product portfolio. It should also be able to fulfill specific requirements, including business processes in the leasing activities. Additionally, it should improve the company’s operations,” says Oleg Titov, Head of IT and Telecommunications Department, OJSC VTB Leasing.

"Moreover, taking into account our strategic development plans, we needed a centralized multi-branch platform that would streamline connectivity of the newly-opened regional business units and provide consolidated reporting functionality, data insight and business predictive tools. When we decided to approve this project, we gave high priority for a quick launch, as we needed the CRM system to become functional in the shortest time possible. This was the top priority for all the business unit leads participating on the project."

The key requirements for the product were: accessibility and quality of information, capability to collect and analyze statistics on clients and contracts, easy-to use deal supporting and provisioning tools and minimizing human-related operational risks. In particular, a new CRM system had to provide updated and accessible information for all the related business units, background deal calculations, shorter time to provide commercial offers, deal approvals by experts, deal-related decisions, contract database formation and streamlined integration with the accounting engine and support systems.

OJSC VTB Leasing evaluated several ERP solutions that were available in the market. After careful consideration, the company decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 because of its functionality and low total cost of ownership. In order to ensure a successful deployment, the firm engaged the services of GK Korus Consulting as the company’s implementing partner, which has demonstrated significant experience in the financial industry and implementing CRM solutions for leasing companies.

KORUS Consulting solution
The project launch was preceded by the development of a methodology that would ensure a quick implementation.

The milestones of the project were:

  • To avoid automation of excessively granular business processes, so as not to have them streamlined immediately after launch

  • To undertake a step-by-step approach connecting new business processes to the CRM system once every 2-3 months with no attempt to connect all the processes concurrently

  • To focus on unification of a business process when implementing it in the CRM system, and to minimize efforts for its development and future support using pre-existing functionality

The first stage during the project involved quickly automating the sales process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 in a simplified form. Furthermore, a system for 100 users was launched within three months.

Developed by KORUS Consulting, the solution helped to structure and automate the operations concerning leasing deals, which included the following steps:

  • Recording the incoming request, prospect registration in the system, and appointment of the responsible manager

  • Planning and recording the results of a meeting with the client

  • Client profiling

  • Storage and operations with client data and documents

  • Provisioning of a commercial offer using a leasing calculator (the solution used the leasing calculator of OJSC VTB Leasing, constantly changing according to business requirements)

  • Taking a decision on a leasing deal

  • Provisioning of the deal including different approval scenarios

  • Completing the deal and acceptance of the leasing object

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 stores information from every customer interaction. This provides full historical data of the client's requests as well as quick access to the required data (deal, documents, expert review results, payments, etc.).


The results from this project have been well-received at Microsoft. During the 13th annual meeting of Microsoft Dynamics clients (spring 2013), ОАО VTB Leasing was bestowed the award for "Integrated Usage of Microsoft Platform."

Implementing the entire project, the KORUS consulting experts automated all the sales process stages at OJSC VTB Leasing: from initial client request to acceptance of the leasing object and they provided control over the progress of the deal. They created a single database consisting of clients and suppliers, including updated information on all company contracts. The time for executing standard operations by managers has been minimized, helping them to focus in engaging with their clients. Moreover, the service quality has improved, due to the added customization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

“The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 at ОАО VTB Leasing, has provided the company with the needed visibility to fully interact with our clients, improved the manageability of our business processes, as well as making contract information easily accessible to our business units at any given time,” says Maria Bar-Birjukova, Head of CRM Department, KORUS Consulting.

"We think this will not only help the company reaffirm its leading position within the leasing market, but will also lead to more successful agreements, increased customer loyalty and growth."

In 2013, GK KORUS Consulting was a winner for the second consecutive time in the all-Russia competition of Microsoft partner IT solutions, presenting its CRM solution for OJSC VTB Leasing among other projects. Thus, GK KORUS Consulting once again has proven its highest competency in Microsoft CRM implementations. The award ceremony took place in June, 2013 in Houston, USA, during Worldwide Partner Conference 2013.

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Tamanho do cliente: Medium Organization
Setor: Banking
País ou região: Russia
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
Perfil da organização:

OJSC VTB Leasing was established in June, 2002. The only shareholder of the company is OJSC VTB Bank. The firm is the leader in the leasing services market and maintains a strong position in major market segments.

Situação comercial:

OJSC VTB Leasing is Russia’s leading leasing company. It wanted a comprehensive CRM solution that would enhance customer relations while providing a shorter time-to-market cycle for its services.


  • Comprehensive overview of client information

  • Improved internal collaboration

  • Boosted the firm’s sales workflow

  • Increased accessibility to contract details

  • Enhanced customer service

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