QREN 13852 AAL4ALL – Ambient Assisted Living for All (2011 – 2014)


AAL4ALL is a Portuguese collaborative R&D project of public strategic importance, led by Health Cluster Portugal and Fraunhofer Portugal (Fhg – AICOS, Portugal Research Center for Assistive Information and Communication Solutions), that brings together 32 partners, among universities, companies and public and private health care providers:

The participating entities, among which Microsoft plays an important role, have the common strategic goal of creating a Portuguese standard of primary care for AAL - Ambient Assisted Living services, dedicated specially to the elderly at home and in mobility scenarios, as a reference architecture, enabling technologies and pilot applications to demonstrated in large scale, the mentioned AAL services.

Expected Results:

  • AAL ecosystem associated to a business model and validated through a large scale trial.

  • National certification authority for AAL products.

  • Reference designs will diminish investments risk and reduce the time-to-marked.

  • “First mover” competitive advantage for mass market products.

  • Solution for Portugal´s demographic change.

  • Example for a European solution.

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