Euro PT Connect

We have developed an enhanced AutoAttendant telephony application that runs 24/7 in Microsoft Portugal. The service allows the user to ask for a colleague’s name and get connected without requiring a human operator in the loop.

The system is fully localized to European Portuguese, both for Speech Recognition and Text-to-speech synthesis and covers all of the +300 employees in the subsidiary. Callers start by placing a phone call into the system and after being greeted by the application, they ask for a colleague by his name. Upon successful recognition, the system asks for confirmation and transfers the call to the destination callee. The called party then answers the call and immediately starts talking to the caller. Additionally, the system also checks for the presence status (“free”, “busy”, etc) of the destination callee and if his/her status is set to busy, the system asks for the caller to record a voicemail which will then be sent to the callee by email.

The development of this application was done in Microsoft Speech Server 2007 Beta which also implied the development of a European Portuguese Beta Language Pack for the latter, using the speech recognition and text-to-speech synthesis technologies available in MLDC.

Demonstration videos: