QREN 7943 CNG – Contents for Next Generation Networks (2011 – 2013) 


CNG is a Portuguese collaborative R&D project with Microsoft partnership, coordinated by IZONE, which aims to study new paradigms of multimodal natural human-computer interaction, including speech and gesture, more appropriate to the use of multimedia and 3D visualization technologies in children education scenarios, that explores next generation fiber optics networks.

The partners are Microsoft, IZONE, University of Aveiro, Diferente Jogo, Association CCG/ZGDV, Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto and INESC Porto:

Real-world pilot activities are planned, regarding the development of games to aid the learning of basic mathematics and music for children aged 4 – 8. We expect to integrate exiting Windows-based platforms (e.g. XNA), that will allow designers to easily create 3D content to interactive 3D applications, videogames and simulators.

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