IDB: Digital Access and Work Force Development in Haiti

Digital Access and Work Force

In 2010 Haiti launched an ambitious education reform program, seeking to expand access to and improve the quality of education for all children.

The IDB has worked in close collaboration with the Haitian Ministry of Education and Professional Training (MENFP), the Presidential Commission on Education (PCE) and other donors to provide support. By 2015, the IBD and collaboration will have provided US$250 million in grants from its resources and an additional US$250 million from non-traditional donors. This supports further reform of Haiti's education system and increased learning opportunities for Haitians.

In partnership with Inveneo, HP, and the EKTA Foundation, Microsoft has made a US$1.5 million Clinton Global Initiative Commitment (CGI) to build school labs, enabled by solar power and broadband access, in 40 schools throughout the country. Through close collaboration with the IDB and other public and private sector partners, Microsoft will serve the needs of Haiti's Ministry of Education, by providing training to teachers through the Microsoft Partners in Learning (PIL) program and Microsoft Learning.

PIL represents Microsoft's US$500 million global commitment over 10 years to primary and secondary education, designed to empower teachers with tools and technology to improve education outcomes for students. MENFP is exploring using the program as a model to use for future expansion across Haiti's schools as the Ministry rebuilds the country's education system.