OAS: Enabling Education through Technology

Enabling Education through Technolog

The Organization of American States (OAS) and Microsoft developed the Educational Portal of the Americas (www.educoas.org), the first regional public educational portal to support Latin America and the Caribbean.

Educoas promotes the formation and training of human resources through the Internet, primarily through distance learning. It provides online courses, information about distance learning, a virtual campus, digital library and scholarship information for students, at all levels from anywhere in Latin America and the Caribbean. It also provides training for government officials, and teacher quality and professional development resources for educators.

Since 2001, the portal has become a recognized resource in education accumulating over 1 million unique visitors and offering 4,500 distance education programs. The regional portal has also established the value of online education and many of the region's governments have since developed their own national educational portals to provide information specifically tailored for their citizens.