SOGET: Enabling Maritime Trade Automation

SOGET: Enabling Maritime Trade Automation

Headquartered in Le Havre, France, SOGET is a public-private partnership between the port community of Le Havre, Le Havre Port Authority and the French Customs.

SOGET is the leading Port Community System (PCS) operator in France, and its PCS is in operation worldwide, serving over fifteen ports in France, French overseas territories and Africa.

Maritime transport is the prominent mode of trade between European Union (EU) and non-EU member countries. As a result, EU ports and government administrations are under constant

pressure to increase the efficiency and quality of their services. The EU's 27 member states represent a diverse and fragmented network of trade stakeholders, ranging from ship owners, shipping agents, and freight forwarders, to port authorities and terminal operators, further complicated by required adherence to both national and EU-level trade policies and regulations. Companies and government authorities have traditionally faced challenges in providing the technology needed to ensure interoperability, standardization and availability of information between trade stakeholders.

Based on Microsoft technology, SOGET launched the e-Maritime project in June 2010, as the next generation of Port single window solutions to address the needs of sea and airport communities and authorities, together with customs authorities. With this solution, Microsoft and SOGET's strategic partnership is providing the building blocks of e-maritime transactions and processes. SOGET has chosen Microsoft technologies, Microsoft BizTalk, Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Server and its HyperV feature, to develop open, integrated and innovative solutions.

The e-Maritime Port Single Window (PSW), currently under development, improves the efficiency of business processes, by standardizing exchanges and providing interoperability with European and international port and government single window systems.