UNESCO: ICT Competency Framework for Teachers

ICT Competency Framework for Teacher

The ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (CFT) was developed by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Microsoft, CISCO, Intel and other partners.

The Framework provides guidance on quality teacher training and how to best use ICT in the classroom. It aims to improve the way teachers teach by using technology - resulting in better education and more highly skilled students to advance a country's economic and social development. The initiative applies clear criteria and standards for the application of ICT in the classroom, regardless of where the classroom is located.

The first phase of the CFT project was completed in late 2007 and the Competency Framework - presented in a set of three booklets - was launched in January 2008. The Framework provides a syllabus as the key reference for training providers, listing guidelines on what teachers should know to apply ICT to education in their own creative ways and examples of how to train them to achieve this. While the Competency Framework specifies the competencies needed to bring ICT into education, it remains up to approved governmental, non-governmental, and private providers to deliver the curriculum and training programs for these competencies. Microsoft's Unlimited Potential, Digital Literacy and Partners in Learning curricula, represent some of today's teacher training options, which are consistent with the emerging standards.