Greenline Systems: Risk Management and Border Control

Greenline Systems

GreenLine Systems, a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, has developed a suite of applications called iBench™ focusing on risk management and control of the cross border movement of cargo, conveyance, passenger and crew.

These applications are specifically designed to address the unique needs of Customs and Border Security Agencies to rapidly process large volumes of information while ensuring that suspect shipments, individuals and activities are immediately highlighted for inspection or further analysis.

The iBench™ suite of applications form an integrated platform supporting the entire risk management cycle of: Collect, Analyze, Act and Adapt. A highly configurable expert system drives risk assessment for 18 different threats based on a unique library of risk indicators based on both World Customs Organization leading practices and GreenLine's risk analysis framework to identify either anomalous, unusual or suspect activities. The result is a powerful and flexible system which captures and reinforces experience and expertise while focusing resources where and when they are needed most.