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Research4Life’s AGORA Program Overview

Research4Life provides opportunities to share and acquire information on health, agriculture, and the environment, promoting education and action in developing countries.

UNEP ITPAC Solution Overview

UNEP championed the first energy neutral UN HQ with the new UN Office in Nairobi, a building designed to achieve energy neutrality and showcase innovative design and technology.

UNIDO District Business Information Centres (DBIC's) Program Overview

Established by UNIDO, DBICs provide business solutions to SMEs in rural Uganda to help drive growth and competitiveness.

UNEP SUMAWA Program Overview

Research4Life’s OARE platform helps Kenyan researchers address local environmental challenges, such as achieving sustainable Watersheds in Kenya.

Gainde 2000 Solution Overview

Based on Microsoft technology, GAINDE 2000 developed a paperless, 'Single Window' solution called ORBUS combined with a customs solution called TradeX to facilitate the preclearance formalities needed along the customs clearance process.

UNEP Research4Life OARE Program Overview

Research4Life’s OARE platform supports Kenya’s SUMAWA program address local environmental challenges.