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EEA Partnership Profile

The EEA and Microsoft partnered with the aim of delivering real-time environmental information to people across Europe and raising awareness on environmental issues. Eye on Earth, a Cloud Computing application, gathers data on key environmental indicators

Research4Life’s AGORA Program Overview

Research4Life provides opportunities to share and acquire information on health, agriculture, and the environment, promoting education and action in developing countries.

UNEP ITPAC Solution Overview

UNEP championed the first energy neutral UN HQ with the new UN Office in Nairobi, a building designed to achieve energy neutrality and showcase innovative design and technology.

UNEP Partnership Profile

Microsoft and UNEP have joined forces to pool their respective expertise and explore how technology can help address the impact of climate change in innovative ways.

UNEP Research4Life OARE Program Overview

Research4Life’s OARE platform supports Kenya’s SUMAWA program address local environmental challenges.

EEA - Eye on Earth Solution Overview

The European Environment Agency (EEA) utilizes the latest Microsoft Cloud technologies to gather important information about European bathing water.

Eye on Earth Watches Solution Overview

EEA and Microsoft partnering to deliver air, noise, and water data to European citizens.