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Fostering innovation in Microfinance and Remittances

Latin America and Caribbean region is the largest remittance market in the world, accounting for nearly 67 billion dollars, of which 75% is sent from the U.S.

Helping government training and education in Senegal through technology

The CESAG School of Government trains government employees around the region on how to use and leverage technology and the JFK Schools Low Cost Computing program gives students access to PC and Internet connectivity.

OAS Microsoft Partnership: Implementing programs that have a positive impact across LATAM and the Caribbean

Microsoft and its partners including the Organization of American States, the Inter-American development Bank and the World Bank are working together to implement programs to help people in the region benefit from access to ICT and related skills.

The 3rd EU-Africa Business Forum in Nairobi Kenya

Leaders from the EU and Africa convened at the third EU-Africa Business Forum in Nairobi, Kenya to review progress on critical development programs supported by the EU.

Training government officials in Africa through ICT Capacity Building programs

Successful ICT capacity building programs helps governments train employees in the knowledge of ICT and how it can be applied to drive great benefits for their citizens.

Using technology to gain access to international markets, drive efficiencies and grow business in Africa

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the life blood of economic development in Africa and technology can empower them to gain access to continental and export markets, and drive efficiencies and growth for their businesses.