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ADS error status codes

The following error codes can be presented by ADS:

Event log messages

Message IDSymbolic nameText
513MDM_EVENTLOG_ServiceStartedThe ADS Controller service has started.
514MDM_EVENTLOG_ServiceStoppedThe ADS Controller service has stopped.
515MDM_EVENTLOG_ServiceHandlerNotInstalledThe ADS Controller service is not installed properly. Please reinstall the service.
517MDM_EVENTLOG_ControllerErrorThe following ADS Controller error occurred: %1
518MDM_EVENTLOG_ControllerWarningThe following ADS Controller warning occurred: %1
519MDM_EVENTLOG_LogPxeDiscoveryA PXE request was received that had the administration MAC %1 and SMBIOS GUID %2. This did not match an existing device, so it was ignored.
520MDM_EVENTLOG_LogBmdpDiscoveryA BMDP request was received from the IP address %1 with the name %2, administration MAC %3 and SMBIOS GUID %4. This did not match an existing device, so it was ignored.
521MDM_EVENTLOG_LogIPAddrDuplicateThe AdminIPAddr %1 for the device %2 was found to already exist on device %3. The ADS Controller does not allow duplicate entries, so the AdminIPAddr of device %3 will be deleted.
528MDM_EVENTLOG_LogNameDuplicateThe device name %1 was found to already exist on another device. The ADS Controller does not allow duplicate device names, so the device name %2 will be changed to a number.
529MDM_EVENTLOG_BMDPOverFlowThe incoming rate of BMDP discovery packets is too high, one or more packets have been rejected.
530MDM_EVENTLOG_BMDPNetBindThe ADS Controller service was unable to bind to all network cards because one or more network cards are disconnected.
531MDM_EVENTLOG_BMDPNetPortThe ADS Controller service failed to start because the requested port is already in use.
532MDM_EVENTLOG_FailedToConnectFailed to connect to the device (device name: %1, IP address: %2): %3.
533MDM_EVENTLOG_FailedToStartJobTemplateFailed to start the default Job template %1 on the device %2 to respond to the PXE request: %3.
534MDM_EVENTLOG_BMDPBindInvalidFailed to start ADS Controller because the registry binding information is not correct.
535MDM_EVENTLOG_JobTemplateNotFoundFailed to find a default job template for the device %1 to respond to the PXE boot request.
536MDM_EVENTLOG_InitDatabaseErrorFailed to initialize the database: %1.
537MDM_EVENTLOG_InitXMLParserErrorFailed to initialize the XML parser: %1.
538MDM_EVENTLOG_InitThreadPoolErrorFailed to initialize the thread pool: %1.
539MDM_EVENTLOG_InitTransportErrorFailed to initialize the transport object: %1.
540MDM_EVENTLOG_InitTimerQueueErrorFailed to initialize the job timer queue: %1.
541MDM_EVENTLOG_CertStoreOpenFailed to open the certificate store: %1.
542MDM_EVENTLOG_CertStoreFailedAddFailed to add the certificate to the certificate store: %1.
543MDM_EVENTLOG_BMDPBindFailedFailed to start ADS Controller because the specified network binding yielded no available network adapters.
544MDM_EVENTLOG_BMClientNoCredentialsFailed to find the Controller certificate in the certificate store.
545MDM_EVENTLOG_BMClientCerttimeFailed to validate the Controller certificate because the time range on the certificate is not acceptable.
546MDM_EVENTLOG_BMClientNotValidCredentialsFailed to initialize the Controller certificate security context. Check the validity of the certificate.
547MDM_EVENTLOG_BMClientCredTimeFailed to connect to the Target %1 due to clock mismatch or expired certificate.
548MDM_EVENTLOG_TraceErrorFailed to register ADS Tracing.
549MDM_EVENTLOG_DatabaseVersionErrorFailed to start ADS Controller because of database schema version mismatch: %1.

Controller error messages

Message IDSymbolic nameText
0x8004801MDM_E_DatabaseOpenErrorFailed to open database.
0x8004802MDM_E_DatabaseSessionOpenErrorFailed to create database session.
0x8004803MDM_E_SqlQueryErrorFailed to execute a SQL query.
0x8004804MDM_E_SqlCommandErrorFailed to execute a SQL command.
0x8004805MDM_E_StringEmptyOne or more string arguments are empty.
0x8004806MDM_E_StringTooLongOne or more string arguments are too long.
0x8004807MDM_E_InvalidTypeThe Delivery or TargetType parameter of the job is not valid, or this type of job cannot be started.
0x8004808MDM_E_InvalidCommandInvalid command (syntax or namespace), or delivery type is invalid.
0x8004809MDM_E_InvalidTypeForBinaryThe specified delivery type does not support binary files.
0x800480aMDM_E_JobTemplateNotExistsThe job template does not exist.
0x800480bMDM_E_JobTemplateAlreadyExistsThe job template already exists.
0x800480cMDM_E_SetAlreadyInSetThe set is already a member of the set.
0x800480dMDM_E_SetNotInSetThe set is not a member of the set.
0x800480eMDM_E_SetDeadCircleThe set cannot be added because it creates a circular reference.
0x800480fMDM_E_DeviceAlreadyInSetThe device is already a member of the specified set.
0x8004810MDM_E_DeviceNotInSetThe device is not a member of the specified set.
0x8004811MDM_E_CannotRemoveControlledDeviceThe device is controlled and cannot be removed.
0x8004813MDM_E_DeviceNotControlledThe device is not currently controlled.
0x8004817MDM_E_JobNotFoundThe job does not exist.
0x8004818MDM_E_JobAlreadyStoppedThe job is already stopped.
0x8004819MDM_E_FileNotExistsThe file could not be found.
0x800481aMDM_E_FileOpenErrorThe file could not be opened.
0x800481bMDM_E_FileReadErrorCannot read file.
0x800481cMDM_E_TimerErrorThe ADS Controller service encountered an error with the system timer. Either free resources or reboot.
0x800481eMDM_E_CreateBmcpMessageErrorThe BMCP message could not be created.
0x800481fMDM_E_BadXmlMessageThe ADS Controller received an invalid message from the device.
0x8004820MDM_E_BadBmcpMessageThe ADS Controller received an invalid BMCP message from the device.
0x8004822MDM_E_SaagentResponseVersionErrorThe device could not perform the operation because of a protocol version mismatch.
0x8004823MDM_E_AgentUnavailableThe device could not perform the operation because the resource was unavailable on the device.
0x8004824MDM_E_BmonitorResponseFailThe device or service could not perform the requested operation.
0x8004825MDM_E_LoadCertificateErrorThe ADS Controller could not load the ADS root and Controller certificate from the certificate store.
0x8004830MDM_E_DeviceCountOverLimitThe newly discovered device can't be added to the database, because the database already contains the maximum number of devices.
0x8004831MDM_E_JobUnableToStartThe job cannot be started.
0x8004832MDM_E_ParentJobNotExistsThe parent job ID does not exist.
0x8004834MDM_E_IsNotRootJobYou need to specify the root job ID to perform the operation.
0x8004835MDM_E_JobNotExistThe job ID does not exist.
0x8004836MDM_E_SprocErrorFailed to create the job because of an error with a stored procedure.
0x8004838MDM_E_MessageCountOverLimitThere are too many incoming messages to begin a new job. Please wait until one or more jobs have completed and try again.
0x8004839MDM_E_VariableNotExistsThe variable could not be found. Use $$ to escape the $ character where a variable is not intended.
0x800483aMDM_E_VariableAlreadyExistsThis variable already exists.
0x800483bMDM_E_DeviceNotExistsThe device does not exist.
0x800483cMDM_E_DeviceAlreadyExistsThe device already exists.
0x800483dMDM_E_SetNotExistsThe set does not exist.
0x800483eMDM_E_SetAlreadyExistsThe set already exists.
0x800483fMDM_E_JobNotExistsThe job does not exist.
0x8004840MDM_E_ServiceNotExistsThe service does not exist.
0x8004841MDM_E_ServiceAlreadyExistsThe service already exists.
0x8004842MDM_E_DeviceHWAddrAlreadyExistsThe device hardware address already exists.
0x8004843MDM_E_DeviceHWAddrNotExistsThe device hardware address does not exist.
0x8004847MDM_E_TaskSequenceRunningThe job cannot be started because a task sequence is already running.
0x8004849MDM_E_ImageNotExistsThe image does not exist.
0x8004850MDM_E_SequenceXmlLoadFailedFailed to load the task sequence XML document.
0x8004851MDM_E_SequenceXsltLoadFailedFailed to load the task sequence style sheet (XSLT) document.
0x8004852MDM_E_SchemaValidationFailedThe task sequence document could not be validated with the schema.
0x8004853MDM_E_PxeJobNotExistsNo PXE action has been specified for this device. The ADS Controller is unable to respond to the PXE boot request.
0x8004855MDM_E_StopJobWarningThe ADS Controller could not stop the job on the device, but changed the job state to "stopped by user" in database.
0x8004856MDM_E_ImageAlreadyExistsThe image already exists.
0x8004857MDM_E_SystemVarNotCreatableCannot create or delete system variables.
0x8004858MDM_E_ImgServerShareNotExistsThe image server share name does not exist.
0x8004859MDM_E_SetEmptyThe set contains no member devices.
0x8004860MDM_E_SystemVarNotUpdatableCannot edit a read-only system variable.
0x8004861MDM_E_InputValidationFailedFailed to validate the command syntax in the task sequence XML document.
0x8004862MDM_E_InvalidParameterThe parameter is empty or uses invalid data.
0x8004863MDM_E_ExcessiveParameterThe parameter size exceeds the maximum allowable size.
0x8004865MDM_E_JobStoppedByUserThe job is stopped by user.
0x8004866MDM_E_JobTimeoutThe job timed out.
0x8004867MDM_E_JobFailsByTargetRebootThe job failed to run because the device was rebooted.
0x8004868MDM_E_InvalidServiceTypeThe service type is invalid.
0x8004869MDM_E_JobRunningOnDeviceCannot perform this operation while a job is running on this device.
0x8004870MDM_E_VariableTooLongThe variable name is too long.
0x8004871MDM_E_VariableValidationFailedThe variable name cannot be validated.
0x8004872MDM_E_ControllerNotReadyThe ADS Controller is not ready to run the job.
0x8004873MDM_E_FileXferStartFailThe file transfer failed to start.
0x8004874MDM_E_XMLVersionIncorrectThe XML version is incorrect.
0x8004875MDM_E_CryptVariableValueCould not encrypt or decrypt the variable value.
0x8004876MDM_E_CryptInitFailed to initialize the encryption object.
0x8004877MDM_E_InvalidStringOne or more string value contains illegal or reserved characters.
0x8004878MDM_E_StartDiscoveryFailed to start discovery.
0x8004879MDM_E_TemplateNameEmptyThe name property of job template is empty.
0x8004880MDM_E_JobLogNotExistsThe job log does not exist.
0x8004881MDM_E_NoExitStatusNo exit status is available.
0x8004882MDM_E_InvalidOutputTypeThe output type is not valid.
0x8004883MDM_E_CannotAddEncryptedImageCannot add an encrypted image.
0x8004885MDM_E_NoBmcpConnectionDevice connection does not exist.
0x8004886MDM_E_NotPreOSModeThe operation cannot be completed. The device is not in the Deployment Agent mode.
0x8004887MDM_E_FileXferUsageProvides the command-line usage for the /bmonitor/bmfilexfer.exe command
0x8004888MDM_E_SaagentUnavailableThe ADS Administration Agent service was unavailable.
0x8004889MDM_E_PxesvcUnavailableThe ADS PXE Network Boot service is unavailable.
0x8004890MDM_E_ImgsvcUnavailableThe ADS Image Distribution service was unavailable.
0x8004891MDM_E_CannotRemoveDeviceServiceOnCannot remove a device that is associated with an ADS service. You must first remove the ADS service from the device.
0x8004892MDM_E_XML_TransformationFailedXML transformation failed.
0x8004893MDM_E_NoCertInstalledFailed to connect to the remote computer because of certificate issues.
0x8004894MDM_E_InvalidTimeoutThe job time-out value is out of range. Please specify a time-out value from 0 - 0x7FFFFFFF.
0x8004895MDM_E_InvalidHWAddrTypeHardware address type is invalid.
0x8004896MDM_E_ThreadpoolInitFailed to initialize the thread pool.
0x8004897MDM_E_UndefinedVariableADS Controller did not recognize the variable %1.
0x8004898MDM_E_DefJobMustBeginWithPXEDefault job template must always begin with a PXE task.
0x8004899MDM_E_RequiresWin32AgentThis task uses the Win32 Agent.
0x800489aMDM_E_SDInitializationFailedFailed to initialize the default Security Descriptors.
0x800489bMDM_E_TargetNotExistsThe target does not exist.
0x800489cMDM_E_DBSchemaVersionMismatchADS Controller service does not support the installed database schema.
0x800489dMDM_E_JobTemplateFileIsNotSecureUnable to create or modify job template because the file is writable by a non-administrator and vulnerable to attack.
0x800489eFacility_ErrorMDMUnable to complete the operation. Try running the tool from the Controller or using an image path local to the controller.
0x800489fMDM_E_NoAdsInstalledNo connection could be made because the ADS agent is not available on the destination computer.
0x80048a0MDM_E_ServiceNameCollisionCannot add the device because this device name conflicts with an existing running ADS service.

Agent Errors

Message IDSymbolic nameText
0x8004609MDM_E_AGENT_STARTJOB_BADEXEThe requested program is not a valid Win32 Application.

Image service error messages

Message IDSymbolic nameText
0xC1001001MSG_COPYRIGHTProvides the copyright information.
0xC1001002MSG_USAGEProvides usage information for imgsvc options.
0xC1001003MSG_RUNNING_AS_CONSOLE_APPThe Image Distribution service is running as a console application. To stop the service, press CTRL+C or CTRL+BREAK.
0xC1001004MSG_STOPPING_ON_CNTRL_CThe service is stopping because of a CTRL+C event.
0xC1001005MSG_SERVICE_EXISTSThe service already exists.
0xC1001006MSG_SERVICE_DOES_NOT_EXISTThe service does not exist.
0xC1001007MSG_SERVICE_FAILED_INSTALLThe service was not successfully installed.
0xC1001008MSG_SERVICE_FAILED_UNINSTALLThe service was not successfully removed.
0xC1001009MSG_SERVICE_INSTALLEDThe service was installed.
0xC1001010MSG_SERVICE_UNINSTALLEDThe service was removed.
0xC1001011MSG_REG_OPEN_FAILUREThe service failed to open the registry key.
0xC1001012MSG_REG_QUERY_FAILUREThe service failed to query the registry value.
0xC1001013MSG_IMAGE_STORE_NOT_NTFSThe Image Distribution service could not start because the image store is not on an NTFS-formatted volume.
0xC1001014MSG_MISSING_REGISTRY_ENTRIESThe Image Distribution service could not start because there are missing registry entries.
0xC1001015MSG_COULD_NOT_ENABLE_PRIVThe Image Distribution service could not start because the setting SE_RESTORE_NAME could not be enabled.
0xC1001016MSG_COULD_ALLOCATE_MEMORYThe Image Distribution service could not start because memory could not be allocated.
0xC1001017MSG_COULD_NOT_OPEN_VOLUMEThe Image Distribution service could not start because the image store volume could not be opened.
0xC1001018MSG_COULD_NOT_CONTACT_CONTROLLERThe Image Distribution service could not start because the ADS Controller is not accessible.
0xC1001019MSG_COULD_NOT_INIT_NETWORK_BINDINGSThe network bindings specified in the registry are not valid.
0xC1001020MSG_NO_ADAPTERSThe specified network binding yielded no available network adapters.

For more information, see COM and WMI error status codes and Obtaining error status codes.

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